Apollo 15, was the first of three advanced lunar missions.It was launched on July 26, 1971 and carried astronautsAlfred Worden, James Irwin and David Scott. It was also thefirst mission to include the Lunar Roving Vehicle, andinvolved exploration of a part of the Hadley-Apennine regionof the moon. The mission brought back 76kg of lunarmaterial, some of which has been used by scientists who haveproved that the moon is, in part, a massive chunk of theearth that was struck from our planet by a collision with agigantic space object billions of years ago.

Now, it seems, Apollo 15 collected something else: a shot ofan unidentified flying object. Anomaly hunters who siftthrough millions of images available from NASA have found amost unusual shot from this mission. The image shows anobject that would be among the most unusually shaped meteorsever observed, if it is a meteor. It is not the ApolloCommand Module, which would not have been visible due to itssmall size and orbital distance.

It appears above the surface of the moon, and is shown insharp detail, meaning that the object is probably nottumbling so fast that it appears distorted.

So, what is it? At this point, nobody knows. NASA has had nocomment. And Apollo 15 was a successful mission, with noreported high-strangeness events associated with it.

Until now…

To learn more, start atAnomalyhunters.com.

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