Archeologists say there was a second Stonehenge only a few miles from the first one (the area where most of the crop circles turn up every year).

The new area has been named “Bluestonghenge,” after the 25 stones which once made up the circle. The stones were removed thousands of years ago but the hole remain. Their size indicates that they were bluestones, brought from Wales, 150 miles away. Carbon dating may reveal if the stones that are currently in the inner circle of Stonehenge were originally located at the other circle construction.In the October 6th edition of the Guardian, James Sturcke and Maev Kennedy quote archeologist Mike Pearson as saying, “The big, big question is when were our stones erected and when were they removed, and when we get the dating evidence we can answer both those questions.”

On this week’s Dreamland, Marie D. Jones talks about how these giant stones may have been moved using sound, while for subscribers, Lucy Pringle talks about people who witnessed the creation of a crop circle.

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