A new image of a mummy has surfaced that bears significant resemblance to the one that appears in the slide originally presented at Jaime Maussan’s Cinco de Mayo "Be Witness" project in Mexico City. As Unknowncountry was unable to obtain permission to run the new image, we cannot post it here. The new slide does not appear to Unknowncountry.com’s photo experts to be a computer graphic, but Jaime Maussan has asserted that it is. The most notable difference between this slide and the one presented at the conference is that no right hand is present in the mummy shown in the new slide. If this is the same mummy, then the hand was removed between the time the slides presented by Mr. Maussan and the new one were made. What reason there might have been to remove the hand is unknown.

The new image is claimed to have been taken by Frank Hadl in 1956 while stationed at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona, and was originally discovered by Jorge Peredo, who in turn gave it to Jose Antonio Caravaca. Sr. Carvaca has claimed that the existence of this slide closes the case, proving that the image is that of a mummy. However, this has never been in dispute, and there is nothing in the new image to suggest that the object is either human or nonhuman, as is also the case with the slide presented by Maussan.

Previously on Unknowncountry.com, two medical professionals offered their opinions that the slide did not depict a human body, and that the placard placed with it describing it as a two year old child was mistaken. Dr. Richard O’Connor concentrated primarily on the knees, as he has been involved in thousands of knee replacements during his 35 year medical career. He stated his opinion that the knee visible in the slide he was shown was not a deformity and not a human knee. The more recent slide shows a similar appearing knee. r. Richard Doble says "the more you look at it, you realize that it’s not from Earth. This is not a human being, it is not a reptile, it is not a mammal. It is something very strange from somewhere else."

While the cadaver is being called a mummy, it does not appear to have been mummified, but rather dessicated by exposure, and appears typical of cadavers that have deteriorated in this manner. Nothing in the new slide appears to require any alteration in the observations made by the two doctors, except that any comments made about the hand would not be valid, as the one hand visible in the Maussan slide was removed from the cadaver prior to the Hadl slide being photographed.

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