Is this some kind of conspiracy?–because it’s happening again: Severed feet are washing up on the shores of British Columbia. A human foot washed up on a Washington State island Friday morning, raising the total number of feet found on beaches in that part of Canada since 2007 to a total of 9.

The first severed foot, discovered in August 2007, was associated with a deceased man whose name police withheld at the request of his family. A man’s right foot found on a nearby Island in August 2007 remains unidentified. Two feet found on other islands in July 2008 belonged to the same man, also unknown. And two female feet found in December2008 belonged to the same woman. The latest discovery was made by a tourist who was walking along a beach. It wasn’t wearing a sock or shoe (all of the others have been found wearing sneakers).

In the Vancouver Sun, Emily Jackson quotes Island County Detective Ed Wallace as saying, “It’s a right foot. Based on the size, it’s either a female or a juvenile.” A DNA test will (hopefully) reveal the race and age of the person it belonged to.

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