English farmer Mark Purdey says that Mad Cow Disease isreally Manganese Madness.

Purdey notes that feeding cattle the meat and bone meal fromother cows was banned in Britain in 1988, but despite thisfact, 40,000 cattle born there after the ban have come downwith Mad Cow. In Ireland, Portugal, and France, there havealso been more cases after the meat and bone meal feed wasbanned in these countries.

Mark Purdey runs an organic farm, so in 1984, when theEnglish government ruled that all cattle had to be treatedwith the insecticide Phosmet, applied along their spines, hewent to court and won the right not to do it. The next year,Mad Cow Disease appeared in Britain. Purdey says that nocows born and raised on organic farms and not treated withPhosmet have ever developed the disease, even though many ofthem were fed on meat and bone meal. Also, Britain wasexporting large amounts of meat and bone meal to countriessuch as India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia, but none ofthe cattle there developed the disease.

In order to test his theory, Purdey hired psychiatristStephen Whatley to dose brain cell cultures with Phosmet tosee if this would create the rogue prions. The tests causedsome deformation of the prion proteins, but not the exactkind found in Mad cow Disease.

Purdey then began searching for unusual conditions in areaswith a high incidence of Mad Cow Disease and found very lowlevels of copper in the soil, along with abnormally highlevels of manganese. He discovered a condition called”Manganese Madness” in manganese miners that has the samesymptoms as CJD (the human form of Mad Cow). Manganese cansubstitute for copper in an animal or human body, if thereis a copper deficiency.

Purdey went to researcher David Brown, who “?ran thenecessary cell-culture experiments, in which he introducedmanganese into copper-depleted prion protein cell cultures.”He also found that Phosmet chelates copper out of the bodiesof the cattle, thus leading to the copper deficiency thatallows Mad Cow Disease to develop. He thinks Britain has theworld’s highest rate of Mad Cow because all farmers musttreat their cattle’s spines with Phosmet. Farmers there alsouse an artificial milk substitute for calves which has up to1,000 times the level of manganese found in natural cow’s milk.

Purdey studied “kuru,” a prion disease that affects many ofthe Fore tribe in New Guinea who practice cannibalism. Hefound that many other New Guinea tribes are cannibals butonly the Fores get kuru. Purdey traveled there and found thelocal soils deficient in copper.

He believes that if people are worried about getting CJD,the best thing to do is to take a mineral supplement thatgives them an adequate amount of copper.

Purdey came to his theory by noticing coincidences. RayFowler took a look at his life and found it was filled withsynchronicities.If you examine your life, will you discover the same thing?Learn all about it on this week’sDreamland!Subscribers get to listen to Whitley?s interview with UFOresearcher Nick Pope, who once debunked UFOs for the Britishgovernment.

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