We recently wrote about how an island nation is drowning in India. Here in the US, Alaska is facing major weather changes. Now, due to the rise in the ocean levels, an island off South Carolina is disappearing.

A photo taken in 2003 of the Isle of Palms resort shows a large beach. Another photo, taken in December in the same place, reveals that the beach and its dunes have disappeared. Instead, there are rows of sandbags, that have been put there to keep nearby buildings from flooding.

In the Daniel Island News, Tom Ratzloff quotes Charleston Mayor Joe Riley as saying, “We?re facing some tough, difficult issues?the responsibility for us in this country and other developing countries is that we have responsibility for planning regionally.”

Ratzloff quotes Strachan Donnelly, president of the Center for Humans and Nature, as saying, “Global warming and rising sea tides are regional, national and international issues and should send chills down our spines. We’re going to be suffering in the natural world and the human world and we’ve got to be responsible in mitigating damage and preparing ourselves as much as possible. The fact is that global warming is real, sea tides are going to rise and we are going to face difficulties.”

Art credit: gimp-savvy.com

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