In her new diary Anne Strieber writes: “Whenever I read an exciting book, I like to share it with my friends?and I think of everyone who reads this web site as a friend?perhaps because you were all so supportive of me during my recent illness. I recently wrote about The G.O.D. Experiments, the incredible new book by Gary Schwartz, in which he uses science to prove the existence of God. Right now I am reading an incredible book which tells how our modern farming methods use incredible amounts of fossil fuel (don’t we have an oil shortage?), as well as Nazi chemical weapons technology, destroy biodiversity, pollute the earth, make us more vulnerable to bacterial infection by weakening the effects of antibiotics, contribute to a major disease epidemic, may be causing mental retardation in children and even lead to global warming. All this can be traced back to?corn.” UPDATE: For a “taste” of this book, click here.

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