When Anne Strieber suffered a cerebral hemorrhage on October16, 2004, Mysterious Powers was placed on hiatus, with noidea of when or if the program would return. She is nowfully recovered, and Mysterious Powers is back with a veryappropriate return program for a host who has been close todeath and lived to tell about it.

On Dreamland, Whitley interviews Professor Ervin Laszlo, oneof the world’s most distinguished physicists, who feels thatthe legendaryAkashicField, a repository of all knowledge in theuniverse, is real. Andsubscribers getto hear from Jim Hickman of Skywatch International, whodiscusses new discoveries about the 1898 Aurora, Texas UFOcrash.

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Anne will be interviewing Gordon Phinn, the author ofEternal Life and How to Enjoy It. Gordon’s book is about whathappens in the afterlife, as told to him by a guide who isdead. Anne says, “Before my ownnear-deathexperience, I would never have given this any credit or hadthis author on my show. But I was able to compare notes fromfirsthand experience in the world of the dead, and GordonPhinn has something very important to tell us.”

Increasingly, modern physics is discovering new meaning inancient knowledge. And now a real stunner: Dr. Laszlo, a2004 Nobel Peace Prize nominee and the founder of thedistinguished Club ofBudapest, says that recent discoveries in physics show thatancient legends of the Akashic record accurately describethe constant and enduring memory of the universe.

In this awesome interview, he paints a totally new pictureof reality that is intimately connected with some of ourmost ancient human beliefs. Dr. Laszlo also describes, froma physicist’s perspective, how to access this treasury ofinformation?and shows that ancient techniques must haveworked very well. If you only listen to Dreamlandoccasionally, this should be one of those occasions.

SkywatchInternational Director Jim Hickman returns to Dreamlandwith a special interview for our subscribers about his workon the History Channel’s UFO series, as well as new researchinto the famous Aurora, Texas UFO sighting from 1898.Whitley mentions that his grandfather saw this UFO when itpassed over San Antonio!

They also discuss the autopsy report of a Brazilian humanmutilation victim that Skywatch has had translated andexamined by medical professionals, who have concluded thatthe injuries seen on the body were not explainable.

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