Thousands of previously illegible manuscripts containingwork by some of the greatest classical writers who everlived can be read for the first time, due to new technologywhich will reveal the secrets of the ancient world. Thefaded ink on these manuscript pages, which is invisibleunder ordinary light, comes clearly into view when placedunder an infrared light source. This is the same kind oftechnology used by NASA in satellite imaging. The authorsinclude the drama and poetry by Greek writers such asSophocles, Ovid, Euripides and Aeschylus. The manuscriptsbeing studied in this way include early versions of the NewTestament. One copying mistake that was discovered is thatthe “mark of the beast” mentioned in the book of Revelationsis actually 616, not 666. Some of the Christian gospels havebeen lost since the early days of Christianity, 2,000 yearsago. This incredible ancient library was found in an ancienttrash dump in Egypt 100 years ago, but could not be readuntil now. The papyrus documents look like discarded trashto the naked eye, since they are decayed, blackened, andeaten by insects.

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