Russian scientists may have discovered new life forms that have been sealed off for 14 million years under 12 thousand miles of ice in Lake Vostok in the Antarctic, a network of hundreds of lakes under an ice cap that acts like a blanket, trapping the Earth’s geothermal heat. If the bacteria gets out due to glacier melt, will it be dangerous?

In the March 8th edition of the Daily Mail, Mark Prigg quotes nuclear physicist Sergei Bulat as saying, "After excluding all known contaminants, bacterial DNA was found that does not match any known species in world databases. If (the bacteria) had been found on Mars, then without a doubt we would have said there is life on Mars–but this is DNA from Earth

"If we again identify the same group of organism in that pure sample of water, then we can confidently say we have found new life on Earth." (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).

Lots of "contactees" think that THEY’VE found evidence of new life on Earth, and Anne Strieber agrees with them, which is why she’s interviewed 24 of these fascinating folks, just for our subscribers. Don’t miss this incredible repository of UFO evidenceSubscribe today!

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