In the 1980s, Saudi Arabian Prince Salman arranged to send of thousands of soldiers to fight a holy war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, where they later established al-Qaeda. Now U.S. intelligence thinks Salman is sending Saudi volunteers to Iraq to wage holy war against American soldiers.

Salman has been the governor of Riyad for 50 years and may become the next king. Along with Saudi Interior Minister Nayef Bin Abdul Aziz, he?s arranged to transfer millions of dollars to Sunni leaders in Iraq, and has sent Wahabi warriors there as well. U.S. intelligence quickly spotted the flow of Saudi operatives and cash, and has captured and interrogated Saudi Wahabi agents in Kurdish cities. In June, U.S. Special Operations forces arrested 15 Wahabis and captured a huge supply of weapons and ammunition.

Intelligence sources say the Saudis want to build a grassroots Wahabi movement in Sunni areas of Iraq, where citizens are already anti-American because they were loyal to Saddam. They’ll open schools with a strong anti-Western bias, where they?ll pay students to memorize the Koran, just as they’ve done in other Muslim countries. Saddam managed to keep fundamentalists out of Iraq in the past, because he was afraid they’d turn on him. They were only able to gain a foothold on in the Kurdish north.

Why should the Saudis hate the U.S.? We?ve been their one of their main oil customers for years and we?re supposed to have friendly diplomatic relations with each other. It’s not so much that the royal family hates us, but that they’re willing to sacrifice us in order to save themselves. Instead of trying to reeducate their population, the Saudis have chosen to placate right wing Muslims by financing Wahabi schools, not only in their own kingdom, but in other Muslim countries as well.

But now these students are turning on them and organizing terrorist attacks inside Saudi Arabia itself. An intelligence source says, “The Saudi regime is extremely weak internally and needs a new cause to balance out the campaign against al-Qaeda in the kingdom. What better place to start than in neighboring Iraq and a holy war against American troops?”

What makes Saudi Arabia hatred’s kingdom? Find out from former Israeli ambassador Dore Gold on this week?s Dreamland!

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