Think you’re anonymous when you fire off a nasty letter onthe internet or peruse that forbidden porn site? A computerresearcher has found a way to track exactly what anycomputer is doing on the internet?so you could be beingwatched.

Anonymous Internet access is actually now a thing of thepast. Researcher Tadayoshi Kohno says he is capable oftracking what websites an individual computer user logs ontoand accessing a list of computer addresses from anycomputer, even when the computer needs a password to beentered. Covet operators can already “read” data written onword processors from a distance, using the same type ofsatellites that transmit cell phone calls. If the governmenthas its eye on you and you communicate with your cohorts viathe internet, the CIA no longer has to convince a judge tolet them bug your phone?they can “read” your mail?or anymanifestos you may be writing?at a distance without youreven knowing it. If you see a suspicious-looking satellitedish on the balcony of an apartment across the street, youcould be being bugged.

You can’t protect yourself from internet surveillance byhaving several IP addresses for the same computer, either.Spies can easily spot that ruse. Two new books, “No Place toHide” by Robert O?Harrow and “Chatter” by Patrick RaddenKeefe, address the future of anti-terrorism tactics such asthese. While these techniques will make it easier to spotand ward off terrorist plots, like many other anti-terrorismactivities, they steal the freedom and privacy of theaverage person, as well.

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