When Andrew Whyley visited the underwater webcam at Lochness Live, he glimpsed the Loch Ness Monster and recorded images of it. “I was browsing the internet, and the site is always good for a five-minute look on the off-chance,” he says. “When the image came on the screen I thought ‘What the hell is THAT?’ and snapped away.”

He captured five good images during the time Nessie was in front of the camera. “It moved all over the screen and seemed to have a purpose in its movement,? he says. ?The web cam refreshes every three seconds and I was able to get five shots over a minute or so.?

Whyley also photographed some underwater weeds that were waving with the water current, and checked these against his Nessie photos, to make sure he really had photographed some sort of animal. He admits it could be an eel or a sturgeon, but he doesn?t think so. “There seems to be a head with ear-like features, a neck and body. The neck even seems to have a shadow underneath,? he says. “The movements were undulating.”

Learn more about the mysterious creatures that are hiding out in our world from ?Monsters? by John Michael Greer and ?The Mothman and Other Curious Encounters? by Loren Coleman,click here.

To see Whyley?s photos,click here.

Another visitor to the webcam, Paula Schuman, says she?s captured images of Ness as well. To see her photos,click here.

To look for Nessie yourself,click here.

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