We recently reported that the childhood condition of autism may be able to be reversed. Now Alzheimer’s, a devastating brain disease that strikes at the end of life, may be able to be reversed as well.

Researcher have found that a special protein can be injected into the body to reverse learning problems in mice that have an animal version of Alzheimer’s disease. This protein is an antibody that grabs onto the amyloid beta protein in the brain and prevents it from changing into the toxic substance that is believed to cause Alzheimer’s disease.

Researcher William Banks says, “Our research in an animal model showed that antibodies can be developed rationally for treating Alzheimer’s disease. It?s a major thing that people have been trying to do?get antibodies into the brain in the right amount to treat illnesses. This antibody does that.”

Meanwhile, to stave off Alzheimer’s, keep walking! Bradley Hatfield, who uses brain imaging to study the benefits of exercise on the aging brain, says, “Memory-related structures are among the brain regions that are affected in the earliest stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and?physical activity results in the release?factors that promote growth and repair of neural tissue.”

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