Placebos are the BEST kind of medicine: No side-effects. New research shows that this might actually be how ALL medicines work. Double-blind drug tests have shown that many pharmaceuticals only work because people expect them to, not because they have any "real" chemical effect on the body.

In one experiment, subjects’ legs were heated in order to cause pain, then a painkiller medication was added to their IV drip while assessing the subjects’ pain levels. When the painkiller drug was present, the test subjects were told about it, and their pain level dropped. But when they were told the pain medication had been stopped, their pain levels jumped back up to non-medicated levels, even though the pain medication was secretly still being dripped into their IVs.

In Natural News, Mike Adams quotes researcher Irene Tracey as saying, "It’s one of the best analgesics we have and the brain’s influence can either vastly increase its effect, or completely remove it." But how will drug trials be carried out in the future? Adams quotes researcher George Lewith as saying, "(This) completely blows cold randomized clinical trials, which don’t take into account expectation."

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