According to Australian researcher Paul Davies, we won’tfind evidence of aliens by searching the skies?we’ll find itin our own DNA. He says this coded message will only bediscovered once we have the technology to read andunderstand it.

Davies thinks it’s a waste of time to search for radio wavescoming from another planet, as SETI does. He says it?s morelikely that extraterrestrials would leave an artifact onearth for us to find?but only when we know enough torecognize it when we see it. But if ETs came here millionsof years ago, what could they leave that would survive? Thesolution would be to leave a message in human DNA, where itwould be copied and saved over large periods of time.

Scientists have recently discovered large amounts of “junk”DNA that contains no genes and seems to have no use in thehuman body. Davies says, “If ET has put a message intoterrestrial organisms, this is surely where to look.”

We can tell if this junk DNA is manufactured by using acomputer to find obvious pattern sequences. Davies says thatif these are found, “the presumption of tampering would beinescapable?Trying to second-guess alien communicationstrategies is fraught with uncertainty, so we should tryeverything we can afford. The truth may be out theresomewhere. Or it could be a lot closer to home.”

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