Recent instances of radar interference over Australia remain unexplained, but are believed by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology to have an atmospheric explanation. Episodes of interference have taken place in the past, but there have been numerous instances since January 15, and the Bureau’s refusal to explain them has led to speculation that they could represent classified military activity or even some sort of alien communication.

The first anomaly appeared on January 15 over Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, on a cloudless day during which there were no observable atmospheric anomalies, according to local farmers. The only unusual factor noted was that it was hotter than normal. A red star over Broome on January 22 and a spiral over Melbourne that looked something like a ring of fire. Crop circle investigator Colin Andrews has said that the public deserves an explanation, and the possibility has been raised that the interference is being generated by the US HAARP facility located in Alaska, but if the interference isn’t an atmospheric anomaly it would seem more likely that it is being generated by energy sources in the lower atmosphere that the radar waves pass through, rather than HAARP, which affects the ionosphere (NOTE: Subscriberscan still listen to this show). The origin of such an energy source remains unknown.

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