This photograph was allegedly taken in Bologna recently, as part of a series that captured aliens using an infrared light source on the camera. We have examined the photographs as carefully as possible via the digitally reduced versions that are available to download, and they do not contain any obvious signs of digital alteration, which would probably be detectable even in this format. But that does not rule out a hoax, of course. Anne Strieber reminds us that this may be nothing new.

In addition, there are certain elements visible on the body of the alien that are not generally published. But they are known to enough UFO researchers that this could still be a fake using a molded figure. The fake would have been specifically designed to deceive the few researchers and investigators who have either had personal contact or have spoken to people who have seen such beings in the flesh, unless the hoaxer included these elements just by a lucky accident.

However, there has been a great deal of unusual UFO activity in Italy recently, so it is possible that something like this could be real, although extremely unlikely unless the visitors were intentionally allowing themselves to be phtographed.

The Italian investigator, Alex Torenisi, made the following comment after examining the photos:

?As pointed out initially, it is not possible to draw a definitive conclusion. My personal feeling, corroborated by some of the graphical elements, is that the figure is interesting and is consistent with information in my possession. The proportions of the body, also in the other photos, are consistent. I would believe that digital alteration of the photos should be excluded, although I cannot a priori exclude the idea of the use of a modeled figure.?

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