If you subscribe to our newsletter, you recently read this report: “Ray Santilli has offered some detail about his alleged re-creation of footage from the crash of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. He is now claiming that the material broadcast on Fox TV was not the original footage, but an exact re-creation of it. He has not explained why the footage needed to be re-created. “On the ‘Eamonn Investigates’ TV show in Britain, Santilli described in detail how he and his colleagues created the footage. He said that a set was constructed in the living room of a flat in London, that Santilli claims was a mirror-image of the autopsy room in the original footage. A sculptor was employed to construct two dummy alien bodies over a period of three weeks, using casts containing sheep brains set in jelly, chicken entrails and knuckle joints obtained from S.C. Crosby Wholesale Butchers in Smithfield meat market, London.

“Props were located to provide exact matches to items allegedly seen in the original film. The sculptor who made the alien bodies also played the role of the chief scientist doing the examination. After filming, the team disposed of the ?bodies? by cutting them into small pieces and placing them in rubbish bins across London.

“The six-fingered ‘control panels’ depicted in the footage are alleged by Santilli to have been invented by him.

“Whitley Strieber comments, ‘When Ray Santilli approached me to write a book about his adventures obtaining the Roswell footage, I asked him for three frames from the film with image on them so that I could have them dated. He failed to provide this, and therefore I did not pursue the matter because I assumed that there was no original footage, and that this must be something other than what was claimed. However, this does not mean that the Roswell event didn’t happen. All it means is that some TV producers found a clever way of exploiting it, and perhaps serving the interests of those who would like to cast doubt on it.'”

Art credit: Dana Augustine

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