A senate subcommittee on terrorism says Saudi Arabia is indoctrinating U.S. Muslims in terrorism. They say the Saudis plan to build hundreds of mosques in the U.S. in a bid to take control of Islam here, and that they’re also trying to indoctrinate U.S. soldiers and prisoners. There’s still no sign of Osama bin-Laden, but Iran has arrested 40 al-Qaeda members, including bin-Laden’s son.

The other major catch is the number 2 al-Qaeda official, Ayman Zawahiri. The terrorists captured in Iran include Egyptians, Iraqis, Jordanians, Kuwaitis, Kurds and Saudis, showing that al-Qaeda?s tentacles reach into many different countries.

Larry Mefford, of FBI counterterrorism, told a Senate subcommittee that the FBI is searching for al-Qaeda sleeper cells in 40 states here in the U.S. They think these cells contain terrorists who helped plan the 911 attacks.

Treasury Department general counsel David Aufhauser claims Saudi Arabia provides the main al-Qaeda financing here and says, “It needs to be dealt with.”

“The problem we are looking at today is the state-sponsored doctrine and funding of an extremist ideology that provides the recruiting grounds, support infrastructure and monetary lifeblood to today’s international terrorists,” says subcommittee chairman Sen. Jon Kyl.

Saudi Arabia is launching a publicity campaign to convince the U.S. that they do not support al-Qaeda. They’ve closed several suspected “charities,” and have dismissed more than 1,000 clerics suspected of being loyal to al-Qaeda.

“The Wahabi presence in the United States is a foreboding one that has potentially harmful and far-reaching consequences for our nation’s mosques, schools, prisons and even our military,” say Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY). “My fear is, if we don’t wake up and take action now, those influenced by Wahabism’s extremist ideology will harm us in as of yet unimaginable ways.”

Are we winning?or losing?the war on freedom?

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