Scientists used to tell us that airport scanners deliver a low dose of X-rays and were therefore perfectly safe, however not all of them agree. Some researchers think they can lead to skin cancer because most of the energy from the scanners is delivered to the skin and underlying tissue. In, Karin Zeitvogel quotes researcher Michael Love as saying, "They say the risk is minimal, but statistically someone is going to get skin cancer from these X-rays. No exposure to X-ray is considered beneficial. We know X-rays are hazardous but we have a situation at the airports where people are so eager to fly that they will risk their lives in this manner." Zeitvogel quotes biochemist John Sedat as saying that, "While the dose would be safe if it were distributed throughout the volume of the entire body, the dose to the skin may be dangerously high," and she quotes Captain David Bates, president of the Allied Pilots Association, as saying, "No pilot at American Airlines should subject themselves to the needless privacy invasion and potential health risks caused by the body scanner. Politely decline exposure and request alternative screening," even if "the enhanced pat-down is a demeaning experience." We humbly think it’s a MEANINGFUL experience to read the great edge news on, and everyone tells us how much they love our new site. Now if MORE of you would subscribe, there’s a chance we might still be here tomorrow!

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