The US Air Force is exploring a radically new method offlight: teleportation. Eric Davis of Warp Drive Metricsdescribes his Teleportation Physics Study in this way:

“This study was tasked with the purpose of collectinginformation describing the teleportation of materialobjects, providing a description of teleportation as itoccurs in physics, its theoretical and experimental status,and a projection of potential applications. The study alsoconsisted of a search for teleportation phenomena occurringnaturally or under laboratory conditions that can beassembled into a model describing the conditions required toaccomplish the transfer of objects.”

After discussing numerous possibilities, he settles onpsychic teleportation as the most plausible means.”P-Teleportation, if verified, would represent a phenomenonthat could offer potential high-payoff military,intelligence and commercial applications. This phenomenoncould generate a dramatic revolution in technology, whichwould result from a dramatic paradigm shift in science.Anomalies are the key to all paradigm shifts!”

This takes matters a step beyond remote viewing, to remotepresence. If true, the implications are vast. In fact, itmay be old hat.

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