has a detailed report about the Mayville, Wisconsin crop circles from the research team of Jeffrey Wilson, Charles Lietzau, Gary Kahlimer and Roger Sugden. They took samples from the circles, and proved that they were not manmade. Now they report that the Wisconsin circles have been investigated by a “Special Crop Circle Investigative Unit in the U.S. Air Force.”

Jeffrey Wilson writes, “We were surprised by the appearance of a military helicopter circling the formation very low to the ground?After about 40-45 minutes, I noticed that we were also under surveillance on the ground?I noticed a man in a camouflage uniform watching us with binoculars.

“After I informed the rest of the team that we were being watched, the uniformed soldier got into his car, drove down the hill towards where we were parked, and slowly passed us noting our license plates. He drove to the end of the block, turned his car around, drove back to where we were standing and parked his car. He got out and walked directly into the formation?As we chatted with this soldier from the U.S. Air Force?he told us that he was part of a Special Crop Circle Investigative Unit in the U.S. Air Force, and that they had been looking into this formation for the past couple of weeks?He further told us that this team had investigated two crop circles that appeared near ?Downing, Illinois? last summer (2002), but that he hadn’t participated in that investigation?but others had?He stayed in the formation about 10-15 minutes, at which point he seemed satisfied, and he returned to his car and immediately got on his cell phone, and left.”

Besides taking grain samples from the circle and having them tested, Wilson says, “I went to investigate several nearby Indian mound formations and gather information about the area from the local chamber of commerce?Dodge County, Wisconsin happens to have one of the largest concentrations of existing Indian burial and effigy mounds in the United States. In relation to the crop circle formation, there are more than 500 Indian mounds within a 15-mile radius?The area is an extinct glacial lake carved out during the last Ice Age 12,000 years ago, and had been used by Native Americans since at least that time as a sacred hunting ground?Ledge Park is also the site of a series of Indian petroglyphs ? at least one of which was conclusively determined to align to the rising of the sun on the solstices.

“Directly under the crop circle formation however, and in much of the general area is a vast formation of limestone deposits, which have been continually mined for at least the last 150 years. Crop circles around the world have been noted to occur along aquifers, or water-bearing rock formations, notably limestone?Crop circles have also been noted to appear near some sort of body of water?Not only does the formation occur directly above a limestone aquifer, but directly at the bottom of the hill, west of where the formation appeared is a drainage ditch. East of the formation, just one field away, is the north branch of the Rock River.

“Crop Circles have also been known to form in close proximity to power lines, and again this circle site is no exception ? less than a hundred yards from the circles runs a power line, and just up the hill, the closest transformer box was less than 100 feet from the workshop where Mr. Rantala watched the crop circles form.”

Thanks to Colin Andrews, one of the original crop circle researchers, for sending us this story. His book Crop Circles: Signs of Contact is a must for anyone interested in this subject, but hurry?there are only 3 copies left!

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