Earthquakes don’t ever really go away. Australia’s Northern Territory felt tremors that geologists say are aftershocks from earthquakes that occurred 70 years ago. Mark Leonard has recorded aftershocks of earthquakes from as long ago as 1938 and 1941. He says, “?I would say the Simpson Desert (tremors) are?aftershocks because in 1938 and then in 1941 there was a series of earthquakes larger in magnitude than five, cumulating with a magnitude 6.5 earthquake in June 1941 and ever since then every year there’s just been a few earthquakes out that way.”

Something else that keeps on going are the amazing discoveries about ancient man in the Americas. People have been traveling to and living on our continent much longer than we think. Listen to Robert Schoch tell all about it on Dreamland, starting 3 pm Central time on Saturday, January 25. If you?re on our mailing list, you received a special discount coupon for his book. To get on our list (which is never shared), click ?Join Mailing List? on our homepage.

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