They’re spying on us again (NOTE: subscribers can still listen to this show). Will there be no relief from what seems to be the end of privacy?

The ads you receive in your email spam are already selected to reflect your browsing and buying patterns, but now Microsoft wants to go even farther–they want to add your EMOTIONS to the mix.

A recently revealed patent application by the company suggests that using its Kinect sensor to analyze your face and body language for emotions could help companies better target their ads. But how can they tell what you’re feeling?

They can make accurate guesses by collecting data about what products and sites you click on. For instance, happy people aren’t likely to click weight-loss ads, (NOTE: the price has just been REDUCED TO $2.99), but they might be in the market for a new gadget.

By measuring your actions while playing online games, they will be able to tell whether you are happy or sad according to whether you are winning and losing–and "pop up" the appropriate ad.

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