The drug industry?s efforts to restrict customer access to nutritional supplements and other natural health therapies have been thwarted by a huge consumer letter writing campaign.

Pharmaceutical industry executives and politicians representing more than 50 countries met in Berlin as part of the UN ?Codex Alimentarius? Commission. The purpose of this meeting was to establish global legislation to restrict access to vitamins and make them available only by prescription.

This plan was met with an unprecedented degree of protest. Over 100 million letters were sent by people from around the world to the members of the commission and politicians. More than half of them came from the United States.

The protest campaign was led by Dr. Matthias Rath, who was one of the first scientists to identify vitamin deficiencies as the primary cause of cardiovascular disease, cancer and common diseases. More than 2,500 people attended a health symposium in Berlin on the eve of the ?Codex? meeting. Speakers included Professor Poleszynski, a dissenting ?Codex? delegate andDr. Reuss, a pharmaceutical industry ?insider? who reported on the pharmaceutical industry?s deceptive strategies. Dr. Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, a biochemist and director of Dr. Rath?s research institute, talked about a major scientific advance proving the critical role of amino acids in controlling cancer. Plans to restrict and control natural health therapies by the pharmaceutical industryhave been camouflaged by unsubstantiated publicity about their alleged side effects. There have been no reported deaths from vitamins, but the side effects of prescription drugs have grown to become the fourth leading cause of death, surpassed only by heart attacks, strokes and cancer. Dr. Rath says, ?What is needed is consumer protection from the dangers of synthetic pharmaceutical drugs – not from vitamins and other nutrients thatare essential for health and life.?

While over 100 million emails have stopped the pharmaceutical industry?s strategies at the United Nations, similar efforts to restrict access to vitamins continue in the EU-Commission.

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