While people who claim to have come face to face Visitors from other worlds differ in the details of their encounters, there?s one thing they all have in common: they all say the Visitors spoke to them with a voice they perceived as being inside their heads.

Now John Gartner writes in wired news that we may soon be able to understand how this is done and even do it ourselves.

A new invention called the Audio Spotlight emits a one-foot square column of sound that can only be heard by people in its direct path. Joseph Pompei, of the MIT Media Lab, developed it while working as the youngest engineer at the audio company Bose, at age 16. This ?directed? audio sounds like it?s coming from right in front of you even when transmitted from a distance.

It converts ordinary audio into high-frequency ultrasonic signals that are outside the range of normal hearing. As these sound waves move towards the listener, they interact with air pressure to create audible sounds.

Museums are interested in the system because visitors who stand in front of an exhibit can hear the appropriate audio track without being distracted by sound from other displays. It could replace the tape decks and headphones that are currently rented to visitors as audio tours. Corporations want to use them for information kiosks.

With this technology, a single car radio could broadcast different stations to different passengers. Pompei put several Audio Spotlights in a concept truck from Chrysler, which enabled passengers to hear their own radio stations. ?It could make for much happier trips,? he says.

American Technology, which has developed an alternative to Audio Spotlight called the Hypersonic Sound System, recently signed an agreement with the U.S. Army to develop the technology for psychological warfare. According to American Technology CTO Jim Croft, the technology could be used to confuse opponents by making them think there was someone nearby. Small transmitters could be kept out of sight, and ghost sounds could be bounced off ?rocks or any reflective surface? to fool people into believing they were not alone.

American Technology is also working on a non-lethal weapon called Directed Stick Radiator, Croft says. This ?acoustic assault rifle? is shaped like a gun, but instead of bullets, it shoots high-decibel sounds that cause discomfort or even pain. This could be mounted on a jeep and used for crowd control. ?It could be a very effective first-level deterrent,? he says.

Pompei says he wants to use his discovery to make music, not war, since he?s a former jazz trumpet player.

Hearing a voice in your head will soon be something that everyone is familiar with, and not just something experienced by Abductees.

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