If you happened to look up, you would notice if a drone was tracking you, but what if it looked like an insect–for instance, a butterfly? Israel is creating spy drones that are shaped like butterflies and can flutter into a building in order to gather intelligence.

The RT website reports that these remotely controlled spy drones are equipped with a camera and a memory card. A soldier could simply "take it out of a pocket and send it behind the enemy’s line."

RT says that, "The virtually noiseless ‘butterfly’ flaps its four wings 14 times per second. Almost translucent, it looks like an overgrown moth, but is still smaller than some natural butterflies."

It’s bad enough that government agents are listening to our phone calls and reading our email. Soon, no matter where we go, we’ll be looking around at the nearby flora and fauna, wondering what’s real and what’s really a device that’s spying on us.

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