SETI has spent over 20 years searching for a signal that would indicate the presence of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe. An Australian astrophysicist may have finally found it.

Ragbir Bhathal has been careful, however. He spent months checking his equipment, making sure the signal wasn’t a random glitch caused by some malfunction. He has also been checking the same co-ordinates of the night sky on an almost daily basis since, hoping to pick up the signal again.

In 2000, the science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke advised Bhathal to “let the better spectrum, light” drive his search for extraterrestrial life, so while most SETI hunters look for TV or radio signals, Bhathal’s OZ OSETI project is the only one in his part of the world that searches for life by looking for signals in the optical spectrum.

In the May 9th edition of The Australian, Greg Callaghan quotes Bhathal as saying, “NASA is already using lasers for space communication and it’s not unrealistic to imagine that an extraterrestrial intelligence might be using them as well. It is risky to judge everything by our own technology.”

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