The Master of the Key predicted we would find new universes?and we have. Astronomers have also discovered a viable new Earth-like planet that’s fairly close to us.

US astronomers say they have found a new planet orbiting around a star that is only 41 light years from Earth. That means that if we could learn how to travel at half the speed of light, it would take us around 80 years to get there, which is “close” in astronomical terms. It’s orbiting a star called 55 Cancri, which has 4 other planets traveling around it. This is the largest number of planets ever found orbiting a single star in a solar system that is not our own. The new planet is 45 times bigger than Earth, meaning it’s unlikely to harbor life, BUT…

In BBC News, Neil Bowdler quotes astronomer Geoff Marcy as saying, “There is an intriguing, mysterious gap between the fourth planet out around 55 Cancri and the Jupiter-like planet that’s far away. In that gap, we don’t know what there is. Our current technology would be able to detect big planets like Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter. We don’t see any of them. So if there are any planets there, they must be smaller, the size of the Earth. In fact, it’s a little hard to imagine that there’s just nothing there in this big gap. So the suggestion is there might be small rocky planets, like Venus, Mars or Earth.” And a small, rocky planet COULD mean?life.

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We don’t know if this gap contains a planet that has intelligent life on it, but one thing we DO know: if we learn that extraterrestrial life exists, you’ll read about it and hear about it right HERE first! Make sure we’ll still be around when that happens: subscribe today!

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