This time in Greece – Cops spot a large number of the UFOs that are reported and so do pilots. (In the subscriber section right now, you can see incredible videos of UFOs flying over Mexico). This was certainly the case in Greece a year ago (which has only recently been reported) when two military jets were scrambled to try to intercept a mysterious craft that a Olympic Airlines pilot reported.

In UFO Digest, Michael Cohen repeats the following (translated) cockpit conversation between the pilot and air traffic control:

Pilot: “Olympic 266, tower are you receiving me?”

Tower: “Go ahead.”

Pilot: “Is another airplane flying near me?”

Tower: “Negative, why?”

Pilot: “I see on my right, at approximately the same altitude, an unknown target flying from the south to the east.”

Tower: “No, there’s nothing there, is it bothering you [in your way]?”

Pilot: “For the moment no, but its altitude and heading are not stable.”

Tower: “What exactly do you mean? Because I have no target on radar.”

Pilot: “It is increasing speed and its headings are erratic.”

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