Everyone’s dream is the self-cleaning house or apartment. It happened on Mars, so why not here? This might actually be in our future.

Tiny plastic fibers could be the key to self-cleaning surfaces. Seen with the eye, these surfaces look as flat and transparent as a sheet of glass. But seen up close, the surfaces are actually carpeted with tiny fibers. Researchers say they can coat almost any surface with these fibers. can make the surfaces that either attract or repel oil or water. Since dirt, water, and oil don’t stick to the repellant fibers, windows and surfaces coated with them would stay cleaner longer. The attracting fibers would make a good anti-fog coating for car windows, because they pull at water droplets and cause them to spread out flat on the surface, where they could be whisked away with the windshield wipers.

We’re still wiping down dirty surfaces with a sponge, but at least there’s hope for the future. And thanks to unknowncountry.com, you know which surfaces to wipe the most!

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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