Cats and dogs are being farmed for fur in Europe and Asia. It’s thought that hundreds of thousands of cat and dog skins are traded in Europe each year, often mislabeled and sold as the furs of exotic or mythical animals. The BBC discovered a video of a Belgian furrier with a blanket he says is made from cats farmed in Belgium. Stray cats and dogs are also rounded up and skinned. So far, only Italy has banned this kind of farming.

British MP Struan Stevenson says two million cats and dogs are killed in China each year to satisfy the demand for fur in Europe. He?s discovered a blanket made from four golden retrievers, which was bought in Copenhagen, individual cat skins (complete with eye-holes, paws and tails) bought in Barcelona, and a full-length coat made of 42 Alsatian puppies, purchased in Berlin.

The Egyptians had the right idea: they worshipped cats and dogs as gods.

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