A paralyzed US man has become the first person in the worldto have an brain implant that can read his mind. 25-year-oldMatthew Nagle, who was paralyzed from the neck down afterbeing attacked with a knife four years ago, can now controlobjects by thought alone. His implant reads his mind andsends the thoughts to a computer. For example, he can turnhis TV on and off, as well as change the volume andchannels, with a robotic arm that is controlled by hisimplant, reacting to signals, sent to a computer directlyfrom his brain.

BBC news.com reports that in an earlier experiment, fourother people (only two of whom are in wheelchairs) havelearned to move a computer cursor from a distance, whilewearing a cap containing electrodes that pick up their brainwaves. Nagle’s implant is made out of 100 ultra-thinelectrodes that have been implanted into the part of hisbrain that controls movement. US neurologist John Donoghueinvented the implant.

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