“911 in Plane Site,” a film by Dave VonKleist and WilliamLewis, is being screened at various theaters. It showsactual network footage taken during the September 11 crashesinto the Pentagon and World Trade Center, but it’s sloweddown in order to reveal new, never-seen-before images. Oneof these is a shot of the plane hitting the second tower,which looks like a cargo?not a passenger?plane. MarkBurnback of Fox News, who was interviewed for the film,says, “This plane wasn’t from around here or anything you’dsee take off from the airport.”

NewsWithViews.com reports that other footage includesseveral women who had a clear view of the second plane as ithit. They were yelling, “That wasn’t American Airlines….Itwasn’t American Airlines going into the building.” Theseinterviews were played that morning on FOX News only once,and were never shown again.

Another segment is a slow motion shot of the second planegoing into the towers which shows a flash right before thenose of the plane hits the building, along with on-the-spotinterviews with firefighters talking about explosions andbombs inside the towers.

Jim Marrs thinks 911 was an insidejob. Read this controversial book and decide for yourself!

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