On Thursday October 28, 2004, an assembly including thefamilies of 9/11 victims, survivors, and advocates delivereda complaint to the office of New York Attorney General EliotSpitzer asking for a complete criminal investigation of the9/11 terrorist attack.

Dissatisfied with both the 9/11 Commission Report and the2002 Joint Intelligence Inquiry, the Complainants requestedthat Attorney General Spitzer take full advantage of hisoffice?s power by investigating the attacks in terms ofofficial misconduct, insider trading, obstruction ofjustice, and accessorial abetment of murder. The complaintalso requests assessment and recovery of any damages frompeople or companies complicit in the crimes.

David Kubiak, famous for his advocacy of 9/11 victims andtheir families, blames the lack of a credible independentinvestigation on the fact that the federal government hasoverseen the previous 9/11 inquiries in order to protectinformation under a ?state secrets? doctrine. Kubiak callsfor Attorney General Spitzer to affirm his jurisdiction andanswer the complaint as a matter of criminal law enforcement.

A ?9/11 Statement? has received 150 endorsements includingthose from families of 9/11 victims as well as notedpoliticians and presidential candidates Michael Badnarik andRalph Nader. Read the 9/11 Statement at{http://www.911truth.org.

A copy of the Complaint sent to Attorney General Spitzer isposted at {http://www.justicefor911.org.

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