Italian fertility specialist Severino Antinori says three women are currently pregnant with clones. “There are three pregnancies,” Antinori says. Two of them are in Russia and one in an “Islamic state,” according to Antinori. He says that they are six to nine weeks along. Antinori achieved fame a few years ago by helping a 62-year-old woman become pregnant with a donated egg.

Some scientists reacted to the statement with skepticism and condemnation, saying that many technical difficulties will have to be overcome in order to create a human clone and that it?s dangerous to embark on such a program without proper guidelines and regulation. Most cloned animals lead short, unhealthy lives and many of them must be attempted before achieving one that is born and lives, even for a short time. There would also be a unique cancer danger to the mother of a human clone.

Human reproductive cloning is banned in many countries. Italy’s new government has not made any mention of cloning since winning the election in May, but it is also likely to support such a ban. The United Nations set up a panel last year aimed at drafting an international treaty to ban the cloning of human beings.

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