Two storm systems are headed into the Gulf of Mexico and could become hurricanes. One may strike the Florida Panhandle and the other the Texas Gulf Coast. Both of the systems are predicted to strengthen into hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, possibly by Monday or Tuesday. Because the Gulf waters are 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit, well above the 81 degree threshold necessary to support hurricane formation, there is a significant possibility that one or both storms could become significant.

Tropical Depression 14, which would become Tropical Storm Marcos, is now passing over the Yucatan Peninsula. Whether or not it becomes a tropical storm depends on what happens on Sunday when it moves over open water. If it is going to become a hurricane, that will develop on Monday and Tuesday. The strength it will gather depends on how slowly it moves across the Gulf. Current models predict everything from a Category 4 or greater storm to the disintegration of the system.

Tropical Storm Laura is presently cross the Antilles and will move across most Caribbean islands before moving up the west coast of Florida. It is likely to degrade while crossing the islands, but may pick up strength when it reaches the open waters of the Gulf.


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  1. 1:00pm PDT: Matthew, about one hour ago, NOAA reclassified Hurricane Laura as a CAT 4. It goes ashore tonite, so anyone along the coast there who is even *thinking* of evacuating should leave ASAP today.

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