Canadian UFO researcher Brian Vike reports on a UFO sighting on July 28 that had 157 witnesses. Some of them saw a strange white light that moved in a zigzag direction, while others saw an incredible arc of white light that covered the sky from horizon to horizon. He says, “What I did not realize at this time was just how large this one case was going to be. From a handful of witnesses the case exploded into a major event where I currently have 157 eyewitnesses to something very mysterious.”

Vike writes, “The story begins with a family who was camping at St. Mary’s Lake [in British Columbia]?Around 12:45 a.m. the husband and wife decided to do some star gazing, as the children were asleep and the night was warm and the sky clear and full of stars. As the couple stood looking into the night sky they observed a very bright, white light heading in a southeasterly direction?As it slowed, then picking up speed once again the witnesses watched the light zigzag slightly and at times it seemed to wobble until it was out of sight?”

One witness said that “he and his family were sitting outside?when one of the family members spotted what they thought was a airplane with its landing lights on and heading in their direction. As the bright white light drew closer to them, the size was growing rapidly and so was the brightness of the light. Before they knew it, the light/object was upon them?The children ran into the house screaming?

“Another report came from a lady who was with a group of people on their holiday at their cabin?She told me they were sitting outside on the deck when one of the guests pointed towards the northwest. Low over one of the mountains came a huge, extremely bright white light traveling slowly in a zigzag pattern?As it got closer to the resort area, many people became uncomfortable due to how strange the object/light was acting. As it passed straight overhead not a sound was heard. Some of the folks who were there said it was like looking at a full moon on a clear night?

“Two men in a pickup truck?spotted the large bright object flying south. As they watched the large light/object close in on their location they pulled the truck over to the side of the highway, and jumped out of the vehicle to get a better look?Both men stood frozen in their tracks and speechless?It moved quickly in a straight line and made no unusual maneuvers. Again no sound was heard, which is remarkable due to how close it was to these men, and all the other witnesses?

Other witnesses saw “a beam, or ray of white light?[that] looked as bright as a florescent tube and was arced from horizon to horizon as if one was viewing a rainbow. The beam of light sat almost stationary in this position for approximately an hour before dissipating. Almost everyone who witnessed the beam of white light said they had never seen anything like this before?

“A party of four witnesses were out for a few days on one of the area’s lakes?One of the men who was sitting on a camping chair had just poured himself a drink, when he looked up and said to the rest of the people he was with, ‘Do you see what I am seeing?’ Everyone replied, ‘yes!’?They all watched a beam of narrow bright white light run in an arc from horizon to horizon. First they wondered if it might have been a search light as it was so bright, but they soon ruled this out due to the miles and miles the light covered. Again all these witnesses said this event lasted for approximately one hour before it dissipated?

Vike sums up the report by writing that, “157 witnesses watched an amazing event unfold on July 28, 2003 (early morning). Some observed the object and others observed the beam of light?31 witnesses observed a huge, bright white low flying light/object. 126 witnesses observed the reported beam of bright white light?Most of the witnesses reported the light/object and beam of light running from the northwest to the southeast?

“When reports started coming in I was sure what everyone was seeing was nothing more than the northern lights?[but] everyone else said they have never witnessed anything like in their lives. All said they have watched the northern lights on many occasions, and in their words, ‘This was not the northern lights.'”

Vike says, “What folks saw in the early morning hours on July 28, 2003 has left myself and a lot of other people in the UFO field without any solid answers to all of the questions. The one thing I know is that there was an event which took place that left so many residents and myself baffled?Three days later two woman had a missing time experience in Kelowna, British Columbia and the green lights seen on this night were witnessed by others at different locations which backed up their incredible story.”

Did somebody call them?

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