Whitley Strieber reads from his new book, Alien Hunter: Underworld and tells some hair-raising stories about his own experiences with phenomena coming up from beneath our feet. This is one of his most candid statements, also, about why he writes fiction and what may be behind it. If you listen to nothing else, listen to his riveting, heartfelt description of his process that opens the show.

But the chapter he reads is also riveting. One thing that has to be remembered: Whitley is a good writer. Very damn good. Enjoy!

Read a review of Alien Hunter: Underworld and a fascinating Q&A with Whitley here.

Get your copy of Alien Hunter today! Available as a hardcover book, an ebook or an audio book.

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  1. Not sure if you know, but
    Not sure if you know, but parts of your dreamland reading kept dropping out.

  2. The broadcast was fine for me
    The broadcast was fine for me – no dropping out.

  3. Just one issue…
    Linda, it’s

    Just one issue…
    Linda, it’s not the “Ma-DRID” fault, it’s the “New MAD-rid” fault. It’s pronounced just like the tiny little town of MAD-rid, NM, about 15 miles south of Santa Fe in your home state. This fault is the site of one of North America’s most intense earthquakes (four quakes in 1811-1812, with intensities estimated at up to 8.1). These occurred at the southern end of Missouri, and because this fault has been relatively quiet since then, the populace is ill-prepared to deal with the forecast quake(s) of equal intensity.
    I LOVE every single Linda Moulton Howe report! Please stay a frequent guest of Whitley’s, and continue to inform us of these highly unusual anomalies. And thank you, Whitley, for hosting Linda’s fascinating reports of the highly strange!

  4. From the Free Dictionary by
    From the Free Dictionary by Farlex
    New Madrid (mă`drĭd), city (2000 pop. 3,334), seat of New Madrid co., extreme SE Mo., on Mississippi River at the sweeping New Madrid Bend; inc. 1808. A river port, the city is protected by high levees; cotton, wood products, and telecommunications shelters are produced, and aluminum is processed. Laid out (1789) when under Spanish rule, the city has been moved several times as the Mississippi has shifted, and the original townsite is under the river.

  5. The New Madrid earthquake was
    The New Madrid earthquake was so powerful that the Mississippi River flowed backwards for three years before it straightened itself out.

  6. SUCCESS…..I have just
    SUCCESS…..I have just downloaded ‘Alien Hunter: Underworld’ onto my NOOK. I totally enjoyed the first book ‘Alien Hunter’ and am looking forward to all 27 chapters in this new book…..

  7. I too am looking forward to
    I too am looking forward to reading all 27 chapters as soon as my newly ordered hardcover book arrives!

  8. Linda loves to give
    Linda loves to give “witnesses” airtime who have no corroborative evidence for their anecdotes. At this point in time, we all have heard so much about the mysterious sounds (of which we have actual video and audio recordings) that it was only a matter of time before someone came forward claiming to have heard them while seeing a UFO. It’s utterly pointless to put these people on air, anyone can tell a story; without anything to support their claims, they’re just fish stories.

  9. Looks like you have a problem
    Looks like you have a problem with the program links for the 8/8/2014 subscriber audio. The link is exactly the same as the dreamland link.

  10. I am enjoying the heck out of
    I am enjoying the heck out of the audible edition of Alien Hunter. I have to say, I enjoyed Whitley’s reading better than the narrator. I think more layers of meaning are added to the reading by the author.
    The narrator of the book is fine, don’t get me wrong, but the voice changes from macho detective to the lady FBI agent are strange. He mimicks a lady’s voice and sounds like a gay male. The effect detracts from the development of the character. I get caught up enough in the story line that I can forget about it though. It feels more like parody than action or drama or suspense in places. I can see how it would be difficult for any narrator to pull off. I prefer my imagination while the narrator reads the text with inflection, but perhaps not so much in character with the female voices. Yeah, I don’t know what the answer is, but I appreciate Whitley’s reading and am enjoying the book.

  11. With all due respect, the
    With all due respect, the fault line you refer to that runs through Missouri, Kentucky, Tn, etc. is pronounced New Ma’- drid, not New Ma-drid’. The emphasis is on the first syllable, as unlikely as that may sound. I know, I know… it didn’t make sense to me either. But I live down here now, and that’s the way it is pronounced. Go figure…

    Love and peace,
    Micki B.

  12. Whitley, you do a most
    Whitley, you do a most excellent job narrating this. I’d definitely buy a full audio book version if you narrated it. I like to have something to listen to while I drive beyond just pop music radio.

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