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First Jason Offutt thrilled the Dreamland audience with stories of the shadow people. Now he’s back with a chilling discovery: the paranormal is getting stronger and it is SPREADING. Listen to the chilling reasons that Jason knows this. It all started when he decided to seek out the paranormal within a hundred miles of his home–and discovered chillingly convincing stories just about everywhere he looked. In fact, what he discovered is that we live in what we think of as a normal world that’s actually EMBEDDED in a larger paranormal reality.

Open your mind, and you’re going to find the paranormal all around you!

Jason Offut’s website is You’ll find that Jason is also a comedian, but don’t be fooled. He takes his paranormal research VERY seriously.

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  1. Wow intriguing show!
    Wow intriguing show!

  2. Wow intriguing show!
    Wow intriguing show!

  3. My mom is from this part of
    My mom is from this part of the world (Tarkio, Mo) and when she was a kid, they moved around quite a bit while living up there. She lived in a lot of old farmhouses and one was called Ranch 11. A bad wreck happened there in front of the house, and that was when she found out that brains do not look like ribs as she had previously thought. Anyway, I believe it was in that same house that her mom awoke in the night sensing a “presence” in the house, and she actually did see someone walking down the hallway. She was hoping it was my mom getting up to use the bathroom, but it was not, since my mom was asleep in her bed. My grandmother never did find who was walking down the hall, as it appeared that the “person” she saw was nowhere to be found. Well, it was shortly after this that my mom began having terrible dreams of a strongly sexual nature. She did not tell me specifically what happened in the dreams, but it was such that she was so scared that she stopped eating and they took her to the doctor over it. She told me that at some point, they had discovered a Ouija board stuck in the back of one of the closets, and they put all the happenings down to that. I believe they disposed of the board, but I do not know if the happenings stopped after that point.

  4. I have some ghost hunter
    I have some ghost hunter friends who have had interesting experiences at the Villisca Axe Murder House. I very much enjoyed this show, especially since its happenings are almost in my backyard!

  5. Having grown up and lived in
    Having grown up and lived in Kansas City, MO, from the 1950s through the 70s, I am intrigued by Mr. Offutt’s research and will be tracking down his books.
    Here’s a story about my late parents-in-law who lived in Braymer, MO, during the 1990s. As they drove north along I-35 to take the exit at Highway 116, they saw a silver craft in the sky, which they stopped to watch. It hovered and kept having pieces of it break off, then return to the main craft. My father-in-law, an avid amateur aviator, had the most bewildered, even frightened, look on his face as he later related to us that this was no kind of aircraft he had ever seen. Then, as they continued their drive home on the back roads, they ran across a “big monkey” in the road who wouldn’t let them pass by! There is no reason for there to ever be any monkeys running loose in the farmland of north Missouri. Of course, they were afraid to mention it to any of the neighbors to compare notes, fearing they would be made fun of. I think it could have been some sort of alien encounter with a screen memory.

  6. This was a fun show, and it
    This was a fun show, and it is true that the paranormal is always lurking just beyond our normal senses. I have had many strange experiences, but what is more surprising are the experiences friends tell me about – friends who are not at all interested in the paranormal. As Whitely says, sniff at the paranormal and it sniffs back.

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