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Echo Bodine is one of the most powerful psychics who appears regularly on Dreamland. This week, she tells us where it all comes from in her life, and how your own psychic abilities can affect YOUR life. When you hear how it started, you will be amazed, and when you come to understand the power of this gentle and joyous woman, you will be fascinated.

Echo teaches psychic and healing skills. You can learn more about her work at

In the second half of the show, Whitley Strieber explores with Echo his own growing psychic and mediumistic abilities, and she explains to us why this can happen, and how to strengthen such abilities.

Echo has appeared on Dreamland many times, and you can review her past shows (and subscribers can listen to them) here.

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  1. I always enjoy Echo and her
    I always enjoy Echo and her simplicity. I also appreciated her discussion regarding ego (specifically, confidence in our experiences). Each time I have gotten past ego, I have hit the mark, but trusting it each and every time is difficult for me, and the few times I have approached strangers as their loved ones tugged on my mind, I have asked for specifics. When I have done this, it has been spot on, and yet I do continue to hold back with this form of communication. Once you open that door, it is impossible to close it, however, and they do pass the word around ‘over there’ about those of us that can perceive them, so just be ready for them to pop in when it may not be a real convenient time or place for you! 🙂

  2. This was an excellent show!
    This was an excellent show! So much common sense! Thanks to Echo and Whitley.

  3. Cosmic is so bang on. I have
    Cosmic is so bang on. I have known Cosmic as a friend for some years now and Cosmic is the real deal. She has some exceptionally powerfull spirit guides too, one of which visited me when we first became friends.

    There is no power, not really, only quiet seeing.

    I absolutely love this song.. yes, an old song now, but here, with Echo on the show, somehow…

    How I miss some old friends who have gone. The old rooms we sat in. The way we were.

    As I sit here, one of my friends behind me, healthy and fresh as they be; one of the beloved, the Bella Luce, said in plain English, “tell them the truth”.

    Here we are. Here we all are.

    I don’t care who you are, but if you need to talk, if you want and need a voice to share with, then here I am.

    Peace, my friends.


    1. Von Hausenberg is also the
      Von Hausenberg is also the real deal, and I can only say that for two people separated by an ocean, we have shared some extraordinary experiences that are way beyond coincidence. He is my friend, and the brother that I never had.

      If it means anything to Whitley, or anyone, it all started with those crop formation meditations several years ago. I connected with Whitley just before he chose crop formation meditation number 1, the Open Doors, and with Nick not long thereafter. So, Whitley’s methods do work if you are open to them and give them a go.

      Peace, indeed, to all…

  4. Regarding the discussion of
    Regarding the discussion of Prince’s post-death experience, another psychic with a weekly podcast, Venus Andrecht ( also mentioned in some recent shows that she felt Prince still in the Earthly realm and not crossed over. He also mentioned about something being “botched” and was angry about it (possibly the RXs he was given by doctors). Within a few days he did move on to Heaven. I found the similar interpretations by Echo and Venus very interesting.

  5. Great show! Thanks Whitley!
    Great show! Thanks Whitley! Moving with the theme of awakening and after life experiences I would love it if William Buhlman would be on dreamland soon.

  6. We love great ghost episodes,
    We love great ghost episodes, lets bring em on … more, more, more I say- (weirdo), just saying!

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