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The White House’s bald-faced lie claiming a lack of knowledge of the presence of unknown objects in our skies was a searingly powerful reminder of just how much we are NOT being told about the world we live in by those who control the information. But if that made you mad, what you will hear on this week’s Dreamland will make your blood boil.

First, Linda Moulton Howe talks to one of the scientists who is studying the high-resolution radar returns from Asteroid 2005 YU55 that passed between the Earth and the Moon on November 8. While the scientists who saw these radar returns claimed that “unusual features” were observed, no image of those features has ever been made public. Linda asks him why, and then expresses her concerns about what this information may be and why it is being withheld.

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Last May, there appeared in’s Out There section a story about an apparent missile launch just east of Phoenix. The video of the launch, taken by Aleander Hearn, who happened to be traveling in the area at the time, shows a substantial object being launched from an unknown site. It is not an amateur rocket, but a substantial missile. Not only that, something intersects with it as it reaches the upper atmosphere. But what? And where was the launch site? And why would the military launch a missile over a heavily populated area like Phoenix unless it was necessitated by hostile action? But we were never told a thing.

Alex Hearn, however, followed up on his sighting and he has learned a lot more about what happened that day, and what is happening to this day in the area from which the missile was fired.

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Subscribers, remember the missile that appeared off Los Angeles shortly before the launch being discussed above? Jim Marrs did a powerful report on it for Dreamland, which you can download here.

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  1. Many, many thanks to Linda
    Many, many thanks to Linda Moulton Howe! She asks all the right questions, is courageous, and does it all with infinite grace, wisdom, and integrity.

    Regarding the rocket in Arizona: My family and I witnessed something very, very similar over 20 years ago here in Central Texas. It was around 9:00 PM at night and we were driving on U.S. 290 between Giddings and Elgin, Texas. I was driving, and my husband was in the front seat, and my 8 year-old son was in the back seat. We all witnessed what appeared to be rocket leave the ground to our left. You could not miss it, it had a contrail and glowed exceptionally bright (it also seemed to be quite low in altitude). I pulled off the road, stopped the car, and watched as it passed directly overhead heading north. My son said that he was scared, but we just told him not to worry, that things were “all right”. Later my husband and I talked about it after we got home, and we acknowledged that we both had thought at the time that, somehow, someone had finally pushed the button and that Armageddon had begun! (In that moment, we had been frightened too.) We saw nothing on the news that night, and the next morning there was a brief blurb in the newspaper about it, but apparently no one in Texas saw it—mainly people in the south eastern states. I think that it is worth noting that there was a National Guard armory nearby, close to Bastrop.

  2. I was living in central
    I was living in central Phoenix only about 6 miles away from where this was launched and it never appeared in the news whatsoever. That in itself is surprising because the FOX affiliate has their studios literally around the corner from the National guard amory there on Mcdowell road. The Phoenix news stations are terrible news whores and for something like this to slip through their fingers leads me to think that someone told them to shut up and leave it alone. That would not surprise me in the least. Also in this video, I can just barely make out a tiny white dot moving away from the missle when it is shown at it’s farthest point in the video. Could that have been the threat? Someone needs to look at this video with equipment that can magnify that area clearly.

  3. About a year ago I was
    About a year ago I was driving along Interstate 10 going from Tucson to Phoenix. I saw something very similar. It shot out of the desert somewhere to the east of the highway at an extremely rapid speed gaining altitude but traveling west instead of straight up. When it was at what appeared to be a few thousand feet above a prominent landmark, Picacho Peak, it made an almost right angel turn and then shot straight up and out of sight. It was traveling much faster than any type of commercial or military jet aircraft and my first thought was that it was some kind of rocket. I wondered if perhaps the military was testing some type of rocket system at a base that I didn’t know about located somewhere in the desert to the east of Phoenix.

  4. My husband was shocked to
    My husband was shocked to hear the story about the missile over Phoenix. He was working for a construction company during that same time, paving highway 60 right at the Gonzales Pass. There was a gated dirt road right off the highway, to the South I believe, where they delivered several dump truck loads of gravel to form a parking area for vehicles, in front of a ranch house. When he began work on the freeway paving, there appeared to be people living at the ranch. One day they were there, the next they were gone, and several SRP (our electric company) trucks and very large wooden crates were out front of the empty house. He asked what had happened to the people and was told that they had been bought out by the military. He worked on the highway for over a year, during which time he witnessed helicopters coming and going from the area in woods beyond the dirt road. The helicopters often were dropping large wooden crates into the area (about the size of a transformer), and at one point he even saw them towing a man in a harness carrying a large box of some sort. The only vehicles he ever saw going in out of the area were SRP trucks, but lots of helicopters. Just on the north side of the highway in this area was another dirt road. One of the other drivers had gone down it to turn around and came across another locked fence with a frightening sign. The sign warned that it was a military test facility and trespassers going beyond the fence would be treated with violent force! My husband is trying to get a hold of this friend, as he took a picture of the sign, it reminded them exactly of the signs near Area 51. It was definitely an area that was being hidden from view for some reason, as it was guarded, and my husband always felt something wasn’t ‘right’ about what was going on back there.

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