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Linda Moulton Howe reports on a massive worldwide wave of animal mutilations in October, including housecat mutilations across the United States and large-animal mutilations from six countries. As UFO sightings swept the world in October, behind the scenes, animal mutilations took place in at least six countries, including a wave of feline mutilations in the United States.

In Brazil, the mutilations were accompanied by large numbers of unknown lights in the sky over the regions where the cattle were being killed.

As has been the case for the forty years since investigation of this phenomenon began, there was not the slightest sign of evidence in a single case. Nobody was observed, nobody was caught, no tracks were found, and there was no trace evidence at all. Law enforcement officials continue to tell Linda off-the-record that this is being done by creatures from outer space.

Listen as two of the world’s greatest UFO experts, Linda Moulton Howe and Whitley Strieber take this farther, and discuss what animal mutilations might have to do with nuclear weapons, and possible hostile relations between human governments and our visitors.

An all-time stunner of a Dreamland!

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  1. Forgive me Anne, Im no one,
    Forgive me Anne, Im no one, just a nobody. Not an interviewer, nor a (professional) writer. I’m just a fan and a person of “odd” experiences, with a family history of the same. I listened to your “interview” with Dave a few times, and noticed something: You spoke as many words as he did, and cut him off to comment on Yourself and Mr S at every turn. At the same time, you commented on hypnotists possibly overwhelming their clients with their own words and theories……. Just a thought, and my humble opinion.

    Still a HUGE fan, just a comment about interview technique….

    Blessed Be to You and Yours,

    Samuel Black

  2. I agree with the above
    I agree with the above comment and have noticed this tendency in other interviews Anne has done. I hope this is constructive criticism and please don’t take it personally.

  3. I disagree…I think Anne did
    I disagree…I think Anne did a fantastic job of keeping the interview moving and getting pertinent info out to the listener. As always, great job Anne!! Thanks!!

  4. I think it would be terribly
    I think it would be terribly difficult to have such a short period of time to get out information pertinent to the guest’s story….we need those things that tie everything together just as badly as we need both Anne and a guest–just one or the other wouldn’t be an interview at all. Anne has a tremendous amount of information and obviously gets excited when she can tie things together for the rest of us to compare. I think she needs a longer show, not criticism. Then she would have time to let all those interesting points of connection out!

  5. The new website rocks, but
    The new website rocks, but this comment section doesn’t. Constructive or not, the criticism is a huge downer. I listen to the Dreamland show because it is interesting and entertaining. The comments here are not interesting or entertaining. It would be unfortunate for prospective new members to get a bad first impression of the Dreamland radio shows based on the posted comments.

    1. Well, the comment section is
      Well, the comment section is democratic…. if you don’t like what you see, go to another page. OR as the Good Books says, If thy sight offends thee, then pluck out thine eye. Or as Dick Cavett said, “fold it five ways and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine!”

  6. I wish Anne did have a longer
    I wish Anne did have a longer show.
    The animal mutilations seem so insensitive, to say the least. Whoever it is doesn’t seem too concerned with “light bodies,” for instance.

  7. So no body is perfect in
    So no body is perfect in every way. Anne’s interviews are still the first download I go to when I open this site. You are appreciated Anne. Keep up the great interviews.

  8. While I’m also of the opinion
    While I’m also of the opinion that Anne asks a lot of questions, I feel that’s more her interview style than anything else. You can add my name to the list of people who want her interviews to run longer; it always feels like the interviews end just as we’re scratching the surface of the person’s experiences.
    Also, it was great to hear Linda back on Dreamland. I’d love to hear another show where she and Whitley just talk about their knowledge of the phenomenon. They did one like that a few years back, and it was incredible… might be time to consider doing another one of those!

  9. LOL Damning my criticism by
    LOL Damning my criticism by being critical? Hypocritical perhaps?

  10. Anne has a warm and sincere
    Anne has a warm and sincere style that balances between interview and friendly conversation. I also wish she had more time, I don’t know that costs involved but it is probably considerable.

  11. I have written to Whitely and
    I have written to Whitely and Anne about this subject on a number of occasions.

    Among the groups I attend for PTSD and trauma counseling, this phenomena is called ‘Cross Talk’. It usually takes the form of a member trying, painfully, to open up and tell his/er story and one of the other members pipes in with, “I know just what you mean. Listen to what happened to me” or perhaps, “You think that’s something? Listen to this” … or something along those lines.

    This ‘Cross Talk’, no matter how well intended it may be, invalidates the experience of the guest and makes the conversation all about the interviewer. Usually, the interviewer is amateurishly attempting to show empathy with the guest and does not realize that he/she is doing it. It’s very subtle for oneself to catch but very annoying to the listener.

  12. Ive written to Them too. Have
    Ive written to Them too. Have you had the Owls or the Wolves remove you from your house or cabin or camper and take you into the woods? Do you have Spooks (aka MIB) in your family? Any false memories? Do you remember your first dream? Have you had a panoramic x-ray from a dentist? Did your dentist ask “What the hell is that? There is a ball in your head!” Alas, I’m too poor to have deep therapy and Scientists look into my case and x-rays…… Im just a poor crazy fool whos parents “laughed” and “scoffed” when I tried to tell them of my “visions”. Were they ignorant, or were they in on it? I have no idea. What I can say is this: I am a damaged seeker whom would avail myself to sodium pentethol and deep hypnosis just to find the answers before I expire.

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