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On March 25, David Paulides riveted Coast to Coast AM listeners with his stories about missing people in the western US, many of the cases unsolved, many of them inexplicable. Whitley Strieber listened to the show and immediately got Dave scheduled for Dreamland. Over the years, Whitley has amassed many missing persons cases as well, and they compare notes and discuss what might be happening to cause these cases. This is a chilling and powerful program, and Whitley’s unique perspective is not to be missed.

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Read about the Indonesia case referred to in Dreamland here.

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  1. 🙂 Hey! The subscribers
    🙂 Hey! The subscribers interview is “6.66”MB…just noticing…:)

  2. An interesting thought on the
    An interesting thought on the disappearance victims wearing bright colours-I was in seoul Korea last year and noticed that 95% of all the cars were either grey,silver or black.Hardly any colours at all and you should go there to see it.I wonder why?

  3. These were excellent
    These were excellent interviews/conversations with David Paulides. He is so well spoken and makes his points so clearly, it was really nice.

  4. Has someone though about the
    Has someone though about the middle of th U.S. having the most Native Americans. It is known we have an insight that we pay attention to more then a lot of people.

  5. I’ve got a question about the
    I’ve got a question about the youtube video. At the beginning the word “Honobia” came up, was this filmed in Honobia (pronounced Ho-nub-ee) Oklahoma? Oh well, just heard him say he was in Oklahoma 🙂 Not surprised that that is where he is. It is located in a very hilly and heavily forested area. That is my part of the country. I grew up in Pushmataha County and Honobia is in the Northeastern corner of the county.

  6. Great interviews
    Great interviews Whitley.
    They brought back an indecent that happened in NE Ohio back in the 1950s. There is a public park area along the Southern most part of the Cuyahoga River gorge that marks the boundary between the cities of Akron and Cuyahoga Falls (named for the falls that existed there before the hydro-electric dam was constructed and the river diverted). At the point where the ancient falls had been, a huge, back-washed cavern about eighty feet high and one hundred or more feet wide can be seen. This cavern is called “The Old Maid’s Kitchen” and two caves or passages, one on either side, run off of it deep along and into the bed rock, the largest of which was named “The Ice Box” and was said to be miles long. Local legend tells of mountain lions living in those caves, behind the falls, that would take native children never to be seen again. Well, in the 1050s, a report was made about two children who went missing in that area while on a hiking trip with their parents. Subsequent searches of the caves and the river below turned up nothing. Eventually the caves were walled up and the legends forgotten. As a young teenager, I, along with two friends, explored those caves, before they were sealed, and they were, indeed, very strange and spooky places. At one point we found petroglyphs etched into the rock but never any sign of missing children.

  7. If you plan to go into any
    If you plan to go into any backcountry or woods or trails be it a national park or an large urban city park, be protected 1- from people predators who are always looking for people who are or look lost 2- from people predators with other agendas (psychology plays in), now the 3rd is the unknown and everyone has to have there own tactic involved in this. Joggers usually move too fast (and good for them), however everyone should if possible have a partner with them in isolated areas- it just makes sense, beyond that use the 3rd eye, it might say-hey don’t get out of bed this morning because…..

  8. On the shoes, the reason I
    On the shoes, the reason I have heard for the feet in shoes washing up on shore: They are predominantly feet in sneakers, and the thinking is that since sneakers are very bouyant, this is why the foot with the sneaker washes up. Thus the theory that they are suicides, because the thinking is that the person jumped from a bridge and drowned. Perhaps the body was for whatever reason hidden from view for some time until through decomposition and scavengers, there was little enough left for it to be bouyed by the sneaker and subsequently float away to shore. I’m not sure about the rest of the theory, however, I can testify from years of washing them that sneakers are very bouyant.

  9. going back to the Lamers
    going back to the Lamers interview in june of 2010, spooky, spooky, spooky!- hey google earth this area, it’s absolutly paradise (without the leeches).

  10. I like hiking a lot, so this
    I like hiking a lot, so this is pretty scaring though fascinating. I hope to hear more about this and Alan Lamers findings also. Here’s one about about Patterson’s Bigfoot video: but still there is too many stories/books about STRANGE things happening in US. Gonna buy Missing411 for sure! Great interview uncovering the strangeness that lurks. If native indians fall pray to this then it must surely be clever.

  11. wow – interesting stuff
    wow – interesting stuff Whitley. Makes me glad I packed up my daughter and husband and moved to Australia in 1977. I lived at Smithers long ago, right in the middle of the Highway of Tears and can only stress what a very wild area that is. I also lived further north and people can easily be lost to timber wolves or grizzlies but that does not explain the loss of so many young women. There is a large population of First Nation people so there is nothing extraordinary about there being many of them among the lost, nor that many found lost near to water, as there is water every where.

    There were definitely sightings and experiences of UFOs when I was growing up in the Okanagan Valley during the fifities and sixties, and a teenager I had no doubt that UFOs were a reality – I remember writing a poem about it at about age 16.
    Just a note, ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ was based on a novel written by a famous Australian female novelist and was based on fiction only, unsettling though the movie may be. It certainly creates a mood which perhaps should have accompanied some of the other disappearances if they had a sound track.
    I enjoy your weekly offering as much as ever – hope you get some more subscribers this week!
    Best wishes

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