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The stream of time has depths and shallows. Mostly, we live in the depths, but when death approaches and we prepare to leave, we move to the shallows. As we do this, the world around us grows quiet and the presences of those who will see us across the bridge approach.

This is not the near-death experience, but something that is so poorly understood that it doesn’t even have a name.

Here, Whitley explores it with two people who have been there and returned—they did not enter on the bridge between the worlds, but looked across it during a time when the body of one of them hovered between living and dying in an ICU.

The two guests in this program, Mary Ann and Victor, are close friends—as they are with Whitley—and have shared many beautiful and powerful experiences together. They both have second sight, and Victor’s description of why he is this way is fascinating.

This show is a marvelous window into a part of life that is almost entirely unknown and unrecorded. It ends, for example, with a reference to the number 117, which is then explained by Whitley in as beautiful and enlightening a passage as we have ever heard on Dreamland.
After the show was recorded, there was a powerful series of encounters with Anne. The first one took place at a lunch Whitley was having with Marla Frees and Dreamland subscriber Fontaine in Los Angeles. The second took place when Victor entered his living room in New York at about the same time. Both will be discussed in detail on Awakening.

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  1. Really beautiful show —
    Really beautiful show — especially, I think, because we got to hear Whitley just loving and enjoying his friends.

  2. The UC subscribers are a
    The UC subscribers are a truly wonderful group of people. I am so grateful that such people would be drawn to me and my work. They are bright, open minded and inquiring. Mary Ann and Fontaine both came into my life as subscribers, and Marla indirectly–we met through a subscriber.

  3. The ability to stay in
    The ability to stay in contact with souls that have moved beyond the physical is something that I don’t even question anymore. Yet, it’s still a wondrous thing when it happens. Especially in the middle of a delightful lunch with Whitley and Marla! I do feel quite honoured that Anne ‘dropped in’.
    I look forward to hearing more from Marla on this topic, and I really enjoyed hearing Mary Ann and Victor speak about their extraordinary experiences.
    The subscriber community is a very special group indeed……

  4. I was listening to the main
    I was listening to the main show yesterday but stopped with a few minutes left. This morning, I listened to the rest and heard the part about the number 117. On a whim I looked up what day of 2016 this is. YES! Today is the 117th day of 2016! Synchronicity for sure, I’ll have to look at this more deeply. Thanks for all you do, and thanks to the guests (both physical and non) who also participate. I hope this is not the day the sun pops our power grid. Whitley, you wrote years ago about a future experience where we knew more about how the sun influences our earth, and it was as if something had happened in the US that left folks nervous to go out and about like we can now. That is why I paid attention to info. from the “Suspicious Observer” on Youtube (over several years), who has proven to be a very intelligent and accurate source on space weather and it’s effect on us, and he just posted “The #1 Risk to Earth” last week, folks might want to watch it and think about getting ducks in a row if the grid were to falter. Here is the direct link:

    We may need to also be “shepherds of the light” and help folks “go to the light” if a mass crossing over happens soon. If it is all like a living dream then the main thing may be to to not let fear run away with our feelings, no matter how strange or unfamiliar a setting we find our awareness in. Joy beats fear, and may be what frees us from paralysis in such states…

  5. Amazing show! And so great to
    Amazing show! And so great to hear Marla Frees again.

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