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We explore the complex, amazing and vividly alive world of spirit with famed psychic medium William Stillman. As usual, Whitley takes us down some very unusual and unexpected paths involving an actual journey into the heavenly realm as Bill has come to perceive and understand it, and then to a sobering analysis of the hidden meaning and power of the dark side.

High adventure on Dreamland this week, deep into the realms of the unknown!

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  1. Do you think addiction to
    Do you think addiction to nicotine, caffeine, and sugar is bad for the soul? I need to know, for a friend, not me. . .

  2. Good question Andy. I am
    Good question Andy. I am surely Whitley could answer this well. My take on it…

    At the root of it, I think, addictions are caused by a need to alter our mood, or forget our troubles, or feelings…which, when the addiction takes hold, I imagine is like a very strong untrained dog, attached to you with a lead…basically, it leads you where it wants to go, rather than the other way around. So it drastically alters the ability to focus attention…on where we want the focus to be. Not only that but the ability to notice subtlety is severely demished. Try noticing the smell of flowers when that dog it hell bent on dragging you out of the field and towards a smelly bog!…that noticing of subtlety is key to the sensing meditation exercise, which may have a knock on effect to the levels of the soul, you were referring to. There may be other reasons too but they are the ones that come to my mind.

    Now I suppose I should listen to the show!…

    1. Great observations, Sherbet!
      Great observations, Sherbet!

  3. Having dealt with addictions
    Having dealt with addictions of family members, I can say that addictions are bad for the soul because they act as barriers to connecting with soul—and others. Unfortunately, we live in a time where there are more addictions than ever disconnecting people from their souls, nature, and other beings, both those in the physical and non-physical. And it’s not just substances that we put into our bodies, but also everything from sex to electronic devices and even plastic surgery. It doesn’t help that we also live in an age that on some levels encourages addiction (Including big business and marketing that even equates happiness and joy with drinking a certain brand of soft drink. People are also being brain-washed into addiction…)

    While watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics in S. Korea last night, the commentators touched on how S. Korea has come to recognize the seriousness of addictions to gaming, the Internet, and electronic devices, and have taken measures to set up addictions centers and therapies for young people with these addictions. In a country where the flag includes a symbol for balance, Yin/Yang, they are way ahead of us in recognizing how imbalances due to addiction can affect the ‘soul’ a whole society.

  4. Great show, Whitley. There
    Great show, Whitley. There is a lot of solid info here, clearly spoken and clarified by questions and answers. It is the first time someone made it so clear for me. Probably just cause i am “ready.”

    I wonder… it seems that there is a lot of “bringing stuff into the open (or is it into the light?) at this time. Perhaps who we are and why each of us is here is directly related to this. Not only so we may change one by one, but also understand and realize we all have areas to improve and so must be strong but understanding of each other. None is a “perfected” being quite yet- though i am sure there are those who are much closer than i am.

    The darknesses brought out into the light and seen… and then work can be done… one by one, minute by minute… Prayer is a powerful “force” especially when accompanied with “not what or how i want it to be” but in what God knows is best for all. I don’t have to hold onto results i want… but accept that the energy of loving prayer so sent out… and being present to the other makes a huge dent and doesn’t get in the way.

    AND there are people who are trained and gifted to work with medical, emotional, mental etc aspects. I guess it is now “group work” … sheer numbers working through their areas of expertise and training, others like me… through prayer and caring.

    or maybe i am just optimistic … but i don’t think so.

    and… there is the whole thing about “karma” … if one believes it… what goes around comes around… judge not…

    1. Dreamer,
      Your ideas

      Your ideas concerning group work and how we all have a part to play in our positive evolution are wise. I think that you hit the nail on the head here. I have learned from others in this constant forum (Dreamland and Experience) and I hope that I have contributed in some small way as well. We are all growing, learning, and becoming better. Synergy – none of us is as smart as all of us!

      You folks are a bunch of good eggs!

  5. Interesting show–thanks.
    Interesting show–thanks.

  6. Thanks very much Sherbert and
    Thanks very much Sherbert and Cosmic

  7. Great interview. I have a
    Great interview. I have a question. Do souls enter Summerland or the University before or after their life review?

  8. William, what is your take on
    William, what is your take on Jesus? Have you ever met him in your psychic experiences?

  9. I gotta’ say, I like this guy
    I gotta’ say, I like this guy (William)! He seems genuinely good and in touch with Spirit.

  10. As I was listening, the part
    As I was listening, the part where Whitley asks the guest, “ where is heaven?,” I was shown billowing curtains in a beautiful window. We are the curtains, we are in the space the curtains make up and heaven is everything else. I would be curious to know if this resonates with anyone else. As it happened it appeared to me Ann stepped into the space of the window and as the curtains gently swayed and moved with the wind, she easily connected with those in this plane here where we are living.
    At any rate, quite a lovely picture I was presented with and of which I found quite comforting.

  11. Ever since long distance
    Ever since long distance cables, 2-way audio transmission systems have had to employ echo cancellation techniques. Most of us have probably experienced echoes of our own voices or those of others on cell phone calls and the like, which also must inject a negative cancellation signal to keep us from hearing the delayed version of ourselves that would be relayed back from the other end. When that goes wrong, which is not that unusual, we hear echoes, and sometimes the cancellation signal as the echo.

    So the echo anomaly on the show is almost certainly related to that, BUT… why did it happen at that exact time? Could be coincidence, or like Whitley said (repeating Anne’s words) it seems like too much of a coincidence to be coincidence.

    Anyway, very good show. I looked for links mentioned to the guided meditations both here and on Whitley’s youtube channel but didn’t find them. I’m going to go back to the show and try to get them off the audio.

  12. For what it’s worth, the
    For what it’s worth, the first time Whitley mentioned in a show a few months back that Anne appeared to people “like a hologram,” the first thing I thought of was Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in the “help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope” holographic message from Star Wars. I believe he also mentioned around the same time that she appeared as a bluish form, which only solidified that image of Anne as a Star Wars-style hologram in my mind. That people are seeing her in that state -in a Princess Leia costume no less!- is meaningful to me on several levels. I suspect it has the same sorts of meaning to others, especially given the figure of hope and empowerment that Carrie Fisher/Princess Leia has become in recent years.

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