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Nostradamus…channeling…Atlantis…divination. Most serious people consider such topics nonsense. But look again. In this exciting interview, Richard Smoley shows us why the supernatural should be taken seriously–very seriously. Richard explains to us just why ignored magical and Hermetic traditions are so important, and so powerful.

This edition of Dreamland is an enlightening journey into the inner meaning of traditions that are ignored in the secular west, but should not be.

Educated at Harvard in the US and Oxford in the UK, Richard Smoley is one of the world’s most distinguished authorities on the mystical and esoteric teachings of Western civilization.

After two years at Oxford, Richard moved to San Francisco in 1980. During this time he continued his spiritual investigations, working with teachings ranging from Tibetan Buddhism to A Course in Miracles. He was also a member of the board of directors of the San Francisco Miracles Foundation, an organization sponsoring the work of A Course in Miracles.

He is a frequent contributor to the Australian magazine New Dawn. He presently lives in western Massachusetts, where he teaches philosophy as an adjunct professor at Holyoke Community College. He is also editor of Quest Books, operated by the Theosophical Society in America.

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  1. Two WONDERFUL interviews
    Two WONDERFUL interviews WHITLEY and RICHARD SMOLEY, thank you. I am including the story and YouTube that is also on the ‘LATEST NEWS PAGE OF UNKNOWN COUNTRY.’ There is an update to the story and at least for me, this feels synchronistic to the interview with Richard Smoley. So much right in front of our eyes, yet, we do not see it.

    Whether this priest was human or a non-human or a human engaged in a practice most of us have no knowledge of, it is in every way a MIRACLE for this family.

    “He came up and approached the patient, and offered a prayer. It was a Catholic priest who had ANOINTING OIL with him.” …..William Henry has often talked about a mystical oil used in ancient times and as seen in this report/YouTube, anointing oils are still used in the Catholic Church.

    Also, thinking of the meditation last night, moving out of the human limitations to experience our timeless selves.

    Update: Emergency officials are still searching for the identity of the priest despite taking 80 pictures of the scene.

  2. I highly recommend
    I highly recommend Gurdjieff’s Aphorisms. You can find them easily on the internet for free. A good introduction to Gurdjieff’s work is the book “The Fourth Way” by P.D. Ouspensky. I believe this is now available in PDF form. Ouspensky was not Gurdjieff, but was a gifted writer on the occult. He tried to codify Gurdjieff’s work, but his writings are still valuable nonetheless.

    Self-observation is a good form of psychic protection, as those who know themselves least are the most vulnerable to this form of attack.

  3. Toward the end of the
    Toward the end of the Subscriber’s interview Richard mentioned Kundalini having an effect of tingling in the spine. This reminded me of something that has perplexed me all my life. I rarely mentioned it to anyone but occasionally I have asked physicians about it — they never could identify this effect. It is a very pleasant sensation that usually is focused at the back of the head and only happens in specific situations. Hard to describe, really.

    Recently I discovered a term that applies to this sensation. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR). I was so grateful to finally be able to find out what it was I thought I would pass it along,

  4. Ah, thank you, Whitley, for
    Ah, thank you, Whitley, for having such a well-renowned Theosophist on the show. As a Theosophist, myself, it was very refreshing!
    Being able to capture the pure sensations of ecstacy and keep them within oneself sounds fascinating.

  5. I wanted to post this as a
    I wanted to post this as a follow up regarding the ‘Angel Priest.’

    Mystery solved: ‘Angel Priest’ identified

    The Archdiocese said Dowling, a native of (Kilkenny, Ireland), was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Jefferson City, Mo., in 1982. He has served at parishes in Moberly, Monroe City, Indian Creek, Milan, Unionville and Eldon, Mo., and in the diocese’s mission parishes in (Marcona and Nasca, Peru). ICA PERU, IS ALSO NAMED IN THE WEBSITE BELOW. Some VERY interesting places…..

    Controversial ICA STONES…..

  6. Is there a part 2 for
    Is there a part 2 for subscribers? If so where?

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