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Linda Godfrey is one of the few researchers exploring the possibility that cryptic creatures other than Bigfoot are also roaming the forests of North America. Specifically, she has found what appears to be evidence of something that she has come to call Real Wolfmen. This week on Dreamland, she describes her research and her encounters deep in the forest, which range from the terrifying to the transcendental.

Her chilling story of deep woods journeys will fascinate you.

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Coming soon on Dreamland, we go deeper into the forest with Ron Morehead of and Whitley Strieber are not responsible for claims made by guests or hosts.

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  1. ” The remote viewer said the
    ” The remote viewer said the wolf people were gathering in numbers waiting for humans to mess up…” Whoa! That was one of the most provocative statements I have ever heard. We need to know more of what this RV guy saw!

  2. Linda’s understanding of the
    Linda’s understanding of the native traditions and psychic manifestations is better than almost any non-native I’ve heard. Her comparison of the Native American thought form (related to remote viewing native style) and the Tibetan tulpa is outstanding. As a Native descendant, I’m impressed. Native Americans continue to use these skills and abilities, even though much of the world has lost touch with the power of the moon.

    I’ll go so far as to say that abilities to transit dimensions are native to Homo sapiens but are among those that have been literally “switched off,” as explained in Stan Romanek’s contact materials. Native Americans retain much ability of this order lost among “civilized” peoples elsewhere. I’ve noticed that many people who report UFO contact with those from Orion are of Native American descent, e.g., Cloud Dancer and Stan Romanek.

    Moreover, the observation of military bases near ancient sacred sites is a good point. I have my eye on Cheyenne, Colorado at the moment, because of its proximity to the Sand Creek Massacre of Cheyenne people in 1864 when they were camped near Fort Lyons for peace talks. At present only two small Ute reservations are in Colorado. This got me thinking of who really didn’t want Indians in Colorado.

    At present (2012) a number of military troops are being amassed in Colorado for unknown reasons. Rumor has it that the Colorado wildfires were used as cover to move very large heavy equipment in Colorado in 2012. Whispers are that efforts to correct the Earth’s tilt on the axis may be considered.

  3. I’ve listened to many
    I’ve listened to many Dreamland interviews over the years, but this had a very high factor for sheer creepiness. I did feel watched during this interview, and oddly, as interested as I was in what was being said, I caught myself repeatedly nodding off. During the subscriber portion, it became increasingly impossible to stay awake! This was NOT due to boredom or excessive tiredness on my part. The end of the interview woke me up and I was alert. I went to bed immediately thereafter but could not go to sleep as quickly as I did during the interview. I slept deeply once I did go to sleep, had lots of dreams, and slept later than usual this morning, having to will myself out of the bed. Just could not wake up…

    Skinwalkers…I have had my own experiences of being in the bodies of animals. Each time I was in a state of meditation and taken on a journey by my guide. Once I was in the body of a wolf, an alpha female, and I remember peering out into the world from her eyes, the over-whelming sense of smell, and her loyalty (and yes, LOVE) to her pack and family. Thinking about this affects me deeply on an emotional level.

    I also recall flying like a hawk, looking out through its extraordinary sense of vision, and really feeling the updrafts and air under my wings.

    Imagination is extremely powerful, and it also keeps the question open for me of what was real or what was imagined…Or are they the same thing? After listening to this interview, I also have to wonder if I was possibly observed here or in some other world during my animal journeys.

  4. I wonder if any other
    I wonder if any other Visitors have had any interactions with these Bigfoot. Do they avoid them or even fight against them? Maybe humans are not the only species they prey upon in the woods.

  5. I read the book & I love the
    I read the book & I love the wolfmen. But I bet they’re from a military program to make supersoldiers who have no human rights. Just think of how much money a corporate-dominated government could save if they could do without the VA. From what I’ve heard, service dogs in Afghanistan are being put down or left out to die at the end of their tenure, just to save on the expense of having to fly them back to the US. What if you could do that to a whole fighting force. Expendable soldiers who were too loyal to question–think about it!

  6. @ Aquilae- I’ve read in the
    @ Aquilae- I’ve read in the past about Bigfoot being seen in association with
    UFO’s. Perhaps they are being abducted too!

  7. Linda Godfrey said her hands
    Linda Godfrey said her hands were stinky after touching the oak branch presumably thrown by the Bigfoot. We have oak trees down everywhere here in NJ after Hurricane Sandy, and the sap of those red oaks does have a rank smell, as my wife found when she touched the heartwood of a downed oak.

  8. Flyingwolf1, you clearly are
    Flyingwolf1, you clearly are rather naive of a number of things. Do you realise how much money it costs to train a service dog to smell all those different explosives? As if they get put down. No need- the Taliban will do that for you. People are cheaper to put down-especially if wounded. They either get retired to live with their handlers or are put to work at airports, Police or Ports. You probably don’t even understand army dogs are awarded bravery medals.

    Expendable soldiers? Something that throws tree branches at people is in any way useful? Especially with all those huge dense forests in the Middle East? Heard of heat vision? Reckon some huge hairy thing pumping out heat with all that extra insulation might stand out like dogs balls moreso that the very human soldier?

    Expendable soldiers too loyal to question? Recall WWI? “Oh gee, there’s a machine gun! what better idea then we fix bayonets and run at it through razor wire”.

  9. I may be naive but I’ve heard
    I may be naive but I’ve heard a lot of stories. Unfortunately dogs have the same status as other military equipment–at least from the people I know. This includes a person from Operation Iraqui Freedom. The operational lifespan (he said) was 5 years. They don’t want to make provisions to bring older dogs back home (unless they have a sponsor) anymore than they want to bring older tanks back home. I feel that the issue is that “they” want a disposable army & dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth.

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