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In Super Natural Jeff Kripal and Whitley Strieber speculate that, if the visitors speak to us, it is through the imagery and lore of the owl. The eye of an owl is the cover-image of the book.

By an incredible synchronicity, longtime experiencer and researcher Mike Clelland has just published the definitive—and first—book on the part the owl plays in the close encounter story. This astonishing, powerful and comprehensive narrative may be the first book ever written about what the visitors, in their own absolutely novel way, are trying to say about themselves, us, and our relationship.

Prepare to be blown away.

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The UFO and owl sounds referred to in the interview can be heard at

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  1. Amazing…

  2. Fascinating perspective…
    Fascinating perspective…

  3. Owls, how cool.
    I had a

    Owls, how cool.
    I had a pooch, Tigger, for many years. I was very attached to him. He & Jasmine(the other pooch) were my family. Well, he eventually got a ravaging form of cancer & I had to put him down. I was CRUSHED. for many years I knew that Owl was a messenger. I have had other interactions with Owl, but the one follow was dramatic.
    A couple of months after Tigger headed down the road, I found an owl feather. I know that this was a message. I held it to my forehead and asked what was the message.
    I heard a child’s voice in my head…it was the Tigger!
    “I love you, daddy. I miss you, daddy. Dont be sad.”
    I fell to the ground in tears.

  4. This work connects a lot of
    This work connects a lot of happenings in my life, and my wife’s life. We have both had many interactions with owls, on lots of different levels. Our home is called “owl house” (by the prior owner, we just kept up the notion). My on line screen name and e-mail address has been of owls since the invention of e-mail. We sleep under an owl’s feather.

    Though we have never felt threatened by this facet of our lives, nor enriched. It’s simply a part of our being. It’s where we retreat to when we go back to safety.

    Thanks for this.

  5. Thank you for this magickal
    Thank you for this magickal show. Owls…they’ve been very much a part of my life, and not as much now, but very much so during a time when I suspect I was having experiences. So, this totally resonates with me.

    I have to admit…when Mike got to the story of the woman who heard the beeping sounds, my pulse quickened a bit, and when he said the words, “like a truck backing up”, I momentarily felt that little stab of fear that one feels when faced with a thought or realization of something that is totally unknown and to which you feel vulnerable. I have heard that very same sound, several times. The first time, it was at night, when I was sitting out on my deck alone. My husband had already gone to bed, and I was enjoying the peace of an early summer evening, stars, nice breezes, the leaves rustling lightly in the breeze. I can’t say if there were owls out that night or not. But I heard a series of beeping noises, just like a truck backing up, down in the woods, where there are no roads, or even a trail or a path that a vehicle could navigate if one wanted to take it there. It was several hundred yards away. I was mystified and highly curious. That was the first set of the beeps. Then, when I heard it again, it had advanced quite a bit through the woods, toward me. Now I was *really* curious. I listened, waited. When I heard it again it was closer…then closer again, to where it was no more than 75 yards away from me, now at the edge of the woods where my yard meets the woods line. I hate to admit that I was such a wuss, but I got up and went inside. I said to myself, “If this is *them*, I know there’s no escaping it, but I don’t want to face this wide awake and by myself!” I know, I know, I was chicken! But put yourself in my place: what would *you* do if you basically heard the sounds of a truck backing up, at night, approaching you, through a rural woods that has no roads, in a rural woods that reaches back for more than a mile before there are any roads? It…was…bizarre.

    I have heard the beeps since, but not like that. These were much less frightening. Once I heard them right at my left side, while I was out walking, alone. It was daylight. They were quite odd, but not frightening. The next time I was in my closet, of all places, looking for something to wear. “Beep beep beep”, at my left side. Again, this time it wasn’t scary…it was oddly reassuring. I smiled and said, “OK, I know you’re there.”

    Mike, I’d like to make an observation. You said you were a little cautious about channeled material. Understandable; so am I, though there is some fantastic material that really resonates me that was channeled, like Ken Carey’s “Starseed Transmissions”, and “Return of the Bird Tribes.” But you might want to consider that you yourself are kind of a channel, or at least, a conduit. You said that you didn’t have to do any research or work for this material…it just came to you, presented itself, and you just put it together. Is that not much like channeling? No, you weren’t in trance. But you have definitely served as a conduit for this material to coalesce and come to light for many to read and find beneficial knowledge and connections. Just thought you might want to consider that. THANK YOU for this book. I do plan to buy a copy; I can’t resist this. Nature is where it’s at, for spiritual experiences of all sorts, and most assuredly is the most comfortable way to Spirit for me. I heard owls just a few nights ago, Great Horned Owls, and one was outside the front of the house, near the kitchen. I find them exciting, and reassuring, not frightening. When they are near, I feel blessed.

  6. So, as synchronicity goes, or
    So, as synchronicity goes, or as someone once said, (A Wink from the Cosmos), my family purchased tickets for the (OWL PROWLS) last week and before this interview…….Amazing birds/entities……

  7. I got up on Saturday morning
    I got up on Saturday morning to work in the studio and finish a painting that I had started working on a few weeks back about a dream that I had about giant owls standing in my driveway and staring at me, and as I do I had a coffee and downloaded the dreamland show to listen to whilst I was working, and what was the show about…Owls!

  8. How interesting! My uncle,
    How interesting! My uncle, now passed, worked at the RAND “think tank” in Los Angeles back in the 60’s and 70’s. He was a nuclear physicist had a security clearance with the D.O.D. meaning that he had access to a safe full of classified documents which he never discussed with me anyway. But later I moved up California to beautiful Monterey and for a while stayed with my mother. One of her neighbors I met had been a secretary who worked across the hall at RAND and knew my uncle. I of course had to ask her if she had seen any documents regarding UFO’s. To my surprise she said no. But then she mentioned seeing something about a “MECHANICAL OWL”! This was all I got out of her and have been perplexed by this for over 20 years, not seeing her again to ask for an explanation.
    A mechanical owl – how odd and could it be that some “owls” are really advanced spy devices? Have never figured this out.

    1. You reminded me of the
      You reminded me of the mechanical owl in the 1981 movie, Clash of the Titans, interesting.

  9. Faraway, I just found an
    Faraway, I just found an interesting Amazon review comment about a mechanical owl, for a book entitled “UFOs in Pennsylvania: Encounters with Extraterrestrials in the Keystone State”…

    “…Those familiar with the UFO literature know that owls are often used as a screen memory. In this book we have what might be a mechanical owl that was used to hynotize two little girls. Where the owl should have had eyes the device had large white circles with a pinwheel design on them. The pinwheels twirled (page 84). I am sure that the girls were abducted…”.

  10. Thanks for this wonderful
    Thanks for this wonderful interview. I had an odd experience in the mid-80’s that has always puzzled me. I have no memory of an alien interaction (except for a dream one, which seemed pretty real, tho odd), but this was an awake one. I’ve always asked myself if it was a visitor-encounter experience… I was living in a large forest of mostly huge white-oak trees. During the summer you couldn’t see any other houses, but in several thousand acres of forest there were about 10 houses on a single road. One winter night I was sleeping–maybe 3-4 am when sounds from outside woke me. It sounded like a mass of LOUDLY tromping mencoming through the deep woods toward my house. LOUD snapping of twigs, rattling of leaves, heavy things bumping , trees. They sounded like a dozen Men (definitely Men for some reason) who were hunters who really didn’t know how to move quietly. I had images of hunter clothing and rifles held down toward the ground. Then I realized the sound wasn’t at ground level–it was high in the huge oak trees. This lasted some minutes–I was definitely awake. I was momentarily panicked and then a voice in my head said “IT’S JUST A CONVENTION OF OWLS” and I immediately relaxed and went back to sleep. The next morning I thought “WHAT? A ‘CONVENTION’ of owls!? I thought owls were solitary–and that was WAY too much noise. What on earth WAS that?” And I still wonder. I never saw them (though I actually went to the window and looked out) and they didn’t beep. Curious if anyone else has any insight or similar experiences…

  11. Seen plenty of owls over the
    Seen plenty of owls over the decades. Usually cutting them off barbed wire fences or hitting them driving home from work at night. Or they just about fly into your head being distacted by torches or cigarette lighters.

    Just another predatory bird, part of the normal, natural nocturnal enviroment in these parts.

    Must be a Northern Hemisphere thing.

  12. I have had encounters with
    I have had encounters with owls, and at one point when I was much younger, I was so enthralled with them that I incorporated into my decorating theme in my apartment. I have never had a fear of owls, but just the opposite! We do have Great Horned Owls living in our neighborhood, and I have heard them many times hooting in the wee hours of the morning. My only precaution with owls is that I am very careful with my small dog, and if I hear an owl, I keep her indoors.

    …And this is pretty interesting!

    Of course, Jeffrey Kripal, is also out of Rice University (the Owl is Rice University’s mascot). Hmmm….And OWLCON is about gaming! So this thing with owls is not only a mystery, but also may be just part of the game.

    I began writing a sci-fi/fantasy story many years ago, and an owl was a big part of that story…Maybe it’s time to pick up where I left off about 12 years ago.

  13. Reply to Anne
    Reply to Anne Beversdorf,
    This is from Mike Clelland, the author of the big OWL book. I read your comment above.

    I have one account in the book that is somewhat similar to yours. it is on page 222 and it is sub-titled “Metal object says it’s an owl”

    Not exactly matching what you wrote, but similar in tone.

    Please contact me thru my blog, I would be very interested to hear more.

    Mike C

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